If you want to feel submerged in a movie atmosphere right in the comfort of your home, then you need the proper setup for your home theatre. A home theatre with the correct format can bring you that immersive cinematic experience you desire.

Setting up and designing your home theatre can seem somewhat intimidating and challenging; however, with the right tips, setting up your home theatre would become seemingly effortless.

Getting all the connectivity right and making use of your space makes your home theatre become an investment in entertainment and happiness.

These ten easy tips will get your home theatre correctly set to give you the desired viewing experience.

1. Secure the Perfect view

To get the most out of your movie experience, you need to secure the best view by determining how far you should sit from your screen. You don’t want to be too close to your screen and be farther off your TV screen.

10 Tips to Set Up a Quality Home Theater

The required distance from the screen is determined by multiplying the size of your screen by 2. For instance, if your screen is 55-inches, your seat should be around 110-inches away.

Knowing this can help you decide the screen size you should purchase, enabling you to use your space correctly.

 2. Use Sound Bars

No matter the size of your room, you can convert it into the perfect home theatre. Many people avoid using sound systems in small spaces because they can be intense. However, the soundbar cushions the overwhelming sound.

The soundbars are a smaller set of speakers that can fit perfectly under your TV screen. Soundbars are enclosed in an attractive package that can add beauty to your theatre room, and they provide high-quality sound without occupying much space.

 3. Connect Subwoofers

For better sound delivery, subwoofers are an integral audio system that delivers excellent sound to listeners. Subwoofers are efficient sound components in home theatres to produce low bass frequencies that give impressive music depth.

The easiest way to enhance the quality of your home theatre frequency is to include a powered subwoofer. They give you goosebumps reaction and connect your whole being to every sound emanating from the movie.

Any other speaker can’t match the strong bass sound produced by a subwoofer. Bass is vital for a quality home theatre because of the rich and deep sound they provide.

4. Go HDR With Your TV

It wouldn’t be nice if you’re streaming your favorite movie from an unclear screen. For a fantastic viewing experience, you should go for a 4k high-dynamic-range (HDR) TV that gives a colorful and clear display.

You can also use a projector and screen to make your home theatre come alive like a real movie theatre. The projector presents huge images that fully cover your screen.

 5. Block The Sun Rays

The sun provides natural lights to the room, but you don’t want it glaring off your TV screen. In setting up your home theatre, you need to position your television to prevent any reflection from the sun.

You can make use of motorized shades or drapes to keep out the sunlight. Shades also add warmly feel to your home theatre.

6. Pick A Suitable Color

Color sets the mood and tone of your theatre room. It invariably determines the theme of every other element that you’ll be adding to the theatre room.

Go for colors that suit your settings and absorb lights projecting from the screen for a unique visual. Colors such as grey, dark blue, dark red, burgundy are excellent choices.

 7. Use Comfortable Furniture and Sofas

Your home theatre should feel like a home and distinct in diverse ways from that of a cinema. One significant way to go about this is by using soft and comfortable sofas in the theatre.

When the seating in your home theatre is comfortable, you will derive a cinematic experience that depicts luxury. Seating plays a considerable part in the overall viewing experience you get from your home theatre.

8. Use Dim Lightings

Your home theatre doesn’t require much lighting; however, you can make it beautiful and add some touch of glamour by using soft dim lights.

LED rope lighting can be used on the ceiling to create a beautiful display and can be used to ease movement in the room. Go creative with lighting your theatre room but ensure the lights are dim.

9. Take Cognizance of All Your Space

Your home theatre should portray a deep resemblance to a movie hub. Every angle and space shouldn’t be left blank.

You can add some accents to the spaces or set up built-in speakers at strategic angles of the room. You don’t need to clutter the room with unnecessary elements. Just go creative with your space.

10. Beautify Using Wall Arts

Your home theatre setup isn’t complete without adding some art or poster of your favorite movie. Using wall arts adds style and personalization to your theatre and gives you an excellent viewing experience.

Wall arts are the easiest way to include quality in and transform your home theatre into an entertaining space. You can get inspiration for the wall arts of your home theatre here.

Final thoughts

To experience the surreal cinematic experience of having a home theatre, you have to set it up properly. With the given tips, you shouldn’t have a problem setting up your home theatre.