Whatsapp is the most used platform connecting people from across the world. Using this, individuals can send audios, images, videos, form groups, chat there, share attachments, location details, and many other things. By this, it won’t be wrong to say that getting in touch with your loved ones staying miles away has become easier with an internet connection and smartphone.

But the problem appears when you get a new Android, and Whatsapp chat has to be transferred between IOS and Android. However, Wondershare Dr.Fone-Whatsapp Transfer is a perfect solution to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. In this way, there is no chance to lose the history present on Whatsapp chats. After moving the data, all messages will appear on your new phone, and you can view them whenever needed. Here is a process explaining how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

1. The Step-By-Step Procedure To Transfer Chats From IOS To Android

Are you excited to learn how to transfer all your data to your new phone? Here are the steps that will guide you to follow, which click here to get the desired results.

a. Download And Install The Device

Download And Install The Device

Firstly, you have to proceed to the website of Dr. Fone and download the software on your laptop. It is the first step that you must complete to transfer the data. Make sure that you are downloading the authentic version as several duplicate websites are working. To ensure that, proceed to the original site only.

b. On The Option “WhatsApp Transfer”

Click On The Option WhatsApp Transfer

Open the software after completing the downloading process and proceed to the option that says “Whatsapp Transfer.” Three sections are present under this category; Backup, Restore, and Transfer. Pick the WhatsApp Transfer option, following which you can proceed to the next step.

c. Connect Your Devices

Connect Your Devices

Connecting your devices to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android is time. The phone must be connected to the laptop where you have downloaded the application and wait for the transfer. The connection can be made using the USB cable.

Choose The WhatsApp Transfer You Want To Move

Choose The WhatsApp Transfer You Want To Move

Give a few minutes to the tool to find out the data you wish to transfer to your new device. Make sure that you have connected to a suitable device. If you have clicked on the wrong one, a flip feature can change the transfer device decision. Once it is done, you can start transferring from the source device to the other. It includes images, texts, videos, audio, documents, contacts, etc.

d. Wait For The Process To Get Over

Wait For The Process To Get Over

Depending on the quantity of data to assign, you have to wait till it gets over. On the screen, you can see the time required to transfer the data. One thing to remember while sharing data is that there must not be any interruption or disruption in the procedure. Additionally, do not try to move the laptop or smartphone as doing so can distract the whole process.

e. Disconnect The Phone

After the procedure of how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is over, you will receive a message on the screen stating the same. With that, you can disconnect the phone from the laptop and close the application. Now you will find that all data on your last phone is available on the new device.

2. When do Do People need To Use Dr. Fone WhatsApp Transfer Solution?

Many individuals might be thinking about why to use a WhatsApp Transfer Solution. Well, you might have important information in WhatsApp chats that need to be transferred to the new phone. But how to do it? In this instance, people can use this multi-rich solution as it is available for free.

They have performed the transfer of data on different devices without any error. In addition, it does not harm your appliance and ensures there is a smooth transfer of data from one platform to another.

3. Exclusive Functions Of Dr.Fone: The Multifunctional Software

Besides using it to transfer data from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, several other functions are there. They are:

a. Screen Unlock: 

If you have forgotten your screen lock and cannot unlock your phone, use the screen lock feature from Dr. Fone. Different tools are there in the market, but they are not safe. But with a user-friendly solution, unlocking your phone can be done in a few minutes. It doesn’t imply if the smartphone is locked using a password or a fingerprint.

b. Phone Manager:

The tool allows accessing the data present on your phone from your laptop or computer. In short, if there is any file or folder present on your phone that you want on your computer, get it transferred using this tool. It is a way you can watch videos or films on big screens with your family.

c. MirrorGo: 

With the help of this software, you can also mirror your phone’s screen on the PC. That will surely ease your operations to a great extent, and Dr. Fone is the best software to make that happen. 

d. Data Eraser: 

Users can use the tool as a data eraser to remove data from the device. With that, you can remove unwanted or confidential data which are no longer needed. By erasing them, there is no chance of retrieval. Also, it does not affect any other data, which means you can select the specific folder to remove.

Final Thoughts

This is not all about Dr. Fone, as there are many other features that you will slowly find out as you start using it. The tool is a quick, easy, and efficient way of transferring data from one device to another within a short time.

The software is certified, authentic, and free from any virus or malware. Thus, it’s time to transfer data from your IOS to an android phone using Dr. Fone.