Tiktok is the best platform where youngsters can earn popularity by introducing their skills and talent. But those skills and talent need to be presented effectively.

As we know, in 2012, Byte dance (a Beijing company which was introduced by Zhang Yiming) created the social media app. Around eight hundred million people have downloaded the Tiktok app in India only. Almost everyone has a TikTok account.

Why is everyone getting addicted to this app?and you can Well, this may be because TikTok stars have put their efforts to show exciting and talented things over the app. You can also become one of the famous stars of TikTok. You can see here how to get on the “For You Page”.

But for this, you need to struggle at the beginning stage. Some of the following ways will help you to become one of the great stars of TikTok if you follow them correctly.

1. Select your niche

It is required to select the right topic/niche when you are thinking about working on social media. For example, you are creating your new website, you are thinking to build your youtube channel, or you want to become famous on TikTok.

If you select the topic according to your taste, then you can work better. Otherwise, you cant reach an excellent level in any field.

2. Post regularly

Every day, people want some new content from you. So, don’t be lazy and post everyday. Make a schedule for what you are going to post everyday.

If people don’t hear from you regularly, then they will forget about you. So give them something new and exciting regularly. In the end, you will see a great response from the growth in the number of followers.

3. Make trendy videos

Following trends is another trick. If something is already trending and people love to watch it, then it is much easier for you to become famous in that specific trend.

Or the other way is you can present trendy things in new stylish ways by adding something interesting in them.

4. Avoid long videos

Do not make people bored by uploading long videos. Make a short but meaningful and exciting video.

5. Be conscious with hashtags | famous on TikTok

Use many trending tags and post accordingly.

6. Use interesting music

Interesting music can grab the attention of your viewer of the video. People love to watch your video if you have some excellent music.

7. Edit the video

Edit your videos before posting to make them look more outstanding.

8. Follow the stars

Follow other stars on TikTok. Through that, other users will find you too, or they may follow you.

9. Publish on other social media | famous on TikTok

Whenever you post your video on social media, always put it on other accounts of social media. If someone is not using TikTok, by other apps, he/she will get your video.

10. Use clickbait

People use clickbait to get followers. Please make sure the thumbnail other users see is something that grabs their attention.