There are almost as many as 700 million active users on Instagram, less conflict, and an extra occupied public than other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This enhances the abundance of present opportunities for marketers to sell their products to a greater area of the audience.

Whether you are a well-established corporation or a newcomer to the field of social media marketing, you are going to need these tips to expand your business and reach your incumbent audience or even to new potential customers. Let the list begin:

1. Creatively present your business

Keep your focus on the solution you provide related to the products, not on the products themselves. Never take the fact that your most valuable asset in this social media marketing is your visual content too lightly.

Your company’s culture; share your values and motto with your online audience. If your business is service-oriented, keep the process behind providing the service in the spotlight. You can also share small clips on how-tos by uploading pictures or short video clips. Just hold in mind that the time of the videos is not too long.

Can try live stories; one benefit of using these stories is that you reach your audience, and they cannot skip them. The stories are prominently displayed on the top of the timeline. You can also post stories from behind the scenes, and they do not need to be very good in quality or very well filmed. However, these stories are only available for 24 hours, but they can be saved in your phone for future use.

2. Use #hashtags very often

The blog WP Dev Shed recommends using #hashtags to expand your reach. These can be campaign specific or general; what matters is how relevant they are. Also, set up your leading company, hashtag, and use it effectively across Instagram. This makes it easier for users can view content related to your brand and also your main account.

At least 2-3 hashtags per posts, although Instagram does not allow more than 30 hashtags. You can still use your content specific hashtags or the most popular hashtags to be discoverable to your audience.

3. Collaboration and shout outs

There are many influencers on Instagram who can promote your brand to a vast majority of the audience. You can try collaborating with some of them who have a very high number of followers.

They can introduce you to a whole new set of the audience; make sure that the people you are collaborating with aligning with your field. For example: If your company is an IT company, try to keep your collaboration with people who may have a good strength of IT audiences.

The technique is using shout outs. You can start a campaign or a competition for your users where you give them unpaid (they do not have to pay you) shout outs if they do well. You can also shout out to your collaboration partner, and they can do the same for you. This will expose you both to a newer audience, and you can benefit from this.

It can also try paid shout-outs; this usually involves paying a brand with a vast number of followers to promote your product or service. It is an excellent method to gain more Instagram followers and potential customers.

4. Analyze your accomplishments and build on it

Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and analyze where you stand as a brand and what other improvements you need to make. You can read an abundance of articles about ways to increase your reach, but it is not going to work unless you practice those steps on your audience. You need to know what works for your client.

Your follower count, their engagement, and clicks in check all the time; this will help you improve your strategy for your customers.

5. Consistency matters

Be consistent with your posts; don’t keep your followers waiting; they might expect for a few days, but most of them are not patient enough to keep waiting for too long. Posting relevant content on your Instagram page can make a massive difference to the kind of response you get from the audience. One thing that you, as a company, should not be worried about is “posting too much.” You should always be in the mind of your audience.

Media has become very competitive, which implies many businesses are fighting for users’ attention. You can create a theme and posting pattern, and then you should post at least twice a day and at least eight times in a week to stay active.

6.Call to action content

Yes! Call to action content can give your business a notable boost. Include calls to action in the captions of your posts to increase engagement and, eventually, your follower count.

New content in the kind of blogs, reports, videos, podcasts, et cetera, regularly is a challenging task. Besides, you cannot just post anything; your posts need to have a purpose. By attaching a clear CTA to each new content piece, you’re making sure the content fits into your general marketing plan, helping you to build a larger audience and increase conversions.

7. Give importance to user-generated content

Your product must appear as authentic as possible. The level of validity that a user-generated content offers cannot be overlooked. This can be any content, reviews about your service, videos, images, et cetera. The authenticity comes because those are the people who have tried your product or service. Their content may give other users an impression of you.

Fact, many users say that they are most likely to believe user-generated content as compared to the brand’s content. This is why it has the highest engagement rate on Instagram and other social media platforms. Social media audience is smart enough to differentiate between true stories and the stories that are entirely made up for marketing purposes.

These were the most useful tips for you to follow to expand your business. Using these marketing techniques, you can easily give your enterprise a boost. You can either control your social media marketing by yourself, and you can seek the help of financial advisor marketing services.

They are professional in running your social media campaign and can help you drive quality traffic to your Instagram business page. They also make follow-ups from your existing clients, which, generally, is a challenging task to do by yourself. They follow up with your current clients and even help you get new ones.