Are you struggling to find working addons for Kodi?

After experiencing the struggles of finding working Kodi addons for movies and TV shows, We’ve decided to narrow down their best-working addons for 2020!

Thousand of addons for Kodi are currently available over the internet.

However, many third-party Kodi addons have been removed by authorities. Therefore it can be a tedious job to search through the best Kodi add on for your Fire Stick, PV, or other Kodi Boxes.

All you’ll need is three to five different addons for any content category, but what matters is that the addons you choose work and deliver high-quality streams.

Therefore, this Best Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows only includes working Kodi addons that generate playable streams.

1. The Magic Dragon

Best Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows

The Magic Dragon has unimaginable records of TV episodes and movies for never-ending entertainment purposes.

Soon after its release, The Magic Dragon quickly became the favorite addon amongst Kodi experts and users alike!

This fast and easy addon will bring you your desired content, including the latest shows and movies.

The Magic Dragon is powered by a set of the most effective scrapers to scoop out the best streams.

The interface is similar to The Dogs Bollocks addon, but with better packaging and a bigger list of functions!

Whether you enjoy documentaries, kids’ shows, movies, sports, or simply listening to music, The Magic Dragon has you covered!

This add-on can be installed using the Magic Dragon icon from the Diamond Build Repo in just a few minutes!

2. Venom

Venom is a relatively new addon that has quickly emerged as one of the most popular choices, most likely because it hosts a range of top-rated and popular TV shows and movies.

Venom uses an auto-play feature to select a high-quality stream for your viewing. It features heaps of content and includes and real-debrid integration, making it an all-inclusive media powerhouse.

For best results, try integrating a Real-Debrid account within Venom that will provide you with tons of high quality streaming links, including specific torrenting options that offer buffer-free streaming.

Venom provides a simple-to-follow interface with a few simple options including:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • New Episodes
  • Recently Aired
  • Search
  • Tools
  • News and Info
  • Change Log

3. I Am Ego

The I Am Ego addon is great for watching TV Shows and Movies.

Although it features a category for Documentaries, the main focus is still on movies and series, and you will be able to find just about any popular movie or show that you want to watch.

Recently released episodes and movies are regularly updated, and I Am Ego uses the latest scraping technology to provide superior quality streams.

The resolution quality goes up to 1090p, and there are also plenty of 720 and SD links.

The categories available are:

  • Movies
  • Family Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Family TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • New Episodes
  • Documentaries
  • Search
  • Tools
  • Scraper Settings
  • I Am Ego Info
  • Moves Coming Soon

Overall, I Am Ego is a fantastic Kodi addon that works great on all devices, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which is one of the most popular streaming devices.
Tempest is another addon that works excellently on Kodi 17, providing a robust library of movies and TV Shows.

This add-on features the latest movies and aired episodes, including plenty of old content.

The streaming aspect of the Tempest Kodi addon is impressive and is quick to find streams.

You’ll find a sizable library of TV shows and movies, including 1-click videos and IPTV links, thanks to the recent update.

4. Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO is a multi-category addon that provides on-demand content. You’ll find regular Movie and TV Show categories as well as special categories like:

  • Documentaries
  • Gaming Videos
  • Cartoons
  • Anime

At the time of writing this post, Nemesis continues to work superbly and, hopefully, is maintained in the time to come.

If you have a Real Debrid account, don’t forget to pair it up with Nemesis AIO for a fantastic streaming experience.

5. ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB provides a wealth of movies and TV shows for your entertainment pleasures.

This addon offers high-quality streaming through premium providers, and this means that ReleaseBB doesn’t provide any free streams.

You need to sign in with a premium hoster to enjoy the video content using Real Debris, All-Debrid, or Premiuzine premium streaming services.

Although these dozens of free addons available and streaming with premium links. It is an entirely different experience!


With the above add-ons, other than ReleaseBB, you’ll be able to stream your favorite content without having to spend a single penny!

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