A significant majority of our modern lives revolve around our phones and our internet connection. We get our groceries, plan our vacations, and get our entertainment from the internet. It has become so ubiquitous that no one thinks or even cares about their online privacy and security.

Most people won’t let anyone follow them around the grocery store, taking a note of everything they purchase or even look at. But the same people have no issue with an online megacorporation gathering all of their data. It’s time to take your online security seriously with the help of mobile proxies.

1. What is a mobile proxy?

In essence, a mobile proxy is another mobile device masking your actual device on the internet. All of your internet usages goes through it, so no one on the internet can get to your virtual machine.

The exact process of their work is a lot more complicated than this, but this is the simplified version.

Some mobile proxy companies even offer proxy locations in 15 countries. This way, no individual or company can deduce your actual location.

2. Benefits of using a mobile proxy:

The real-world benefits of using a mobile proxy are endless. They also depend heavily on who you ask, as each person might get a different use out of them. But, for the sake of simplicity, here are a few of the ones that apply to pretty much anyone.

a. Privacy:

This is the biggest reason why many use a proxy on their mobile devices. Companies are constantly monitoring your online presence so they can serve you relevant ads.

This tracking follows you around on pretty much every website you visit. A mobile proxy puts an end to this and allows your personal preferences to remain confidential and not get included in some megacorporation’s database.

b. Price comparison:

You might become remarked that the prices of online products seem to fluctuate from device to device. Sometimes even going into incognito mode gives a wildly different price than you got when browsing usually. This is linked to the previous point as companies track your online activity.

If they know that you will buy something for sure, they will jack up the price to make more profit from you. Using a mobile proxy shows you the actual unaltered prices.

c. Avoiding censorship:

Online censorship is a huge issue plaguing many countries. But those are the countries that are open about their censorship. Your country might have some suppression infrastructure in place without anyone noticing.

So, whether you are in an openly censored country or not, a mobile proxy will let you get to the internet as is without the intervention of any censorship firewall.

d. Safety from cybercrimes:

Most cybercrimes occur because the malicious entity gained your actual IP address. Mobile proxies hide your real IP while showing their own to the broader internet.

As a result, any attacks aimed at you will get stuck at the proxy and will never reach you. This ensures that you stay safe online, no matter what.