So, you want to be an online marketer? Fitting into this role requires you to learn about content writing, among other things. Since the job of an online marketer involves writing, it’s time to gather up your content writing tools such as grammar checker and word counter to that end. Also, take note of these tips for writing persuasive and engaging content.

1. Learn How to Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is the core of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. This vital SEO activity can help drive up traffic and get your site or page on top of Google search. Anyone doing keyword research uses tools like Moz’s Keyword Explorer or Adwords Keyword Planner to look for terms that people are searching on search engines.

Unlike before, the keyword research game nowadays is not merely all about search volume/traffic. That’s because a term that has a high search volume doesn’t automatically mean it will get a high click rate.

SERPs do now have an Answer Box for specific queries, which makes clicking a page in the results pointless. So, your goal now is to discover keywords that have high search volume/traffic and search intent or click rates.

2. Study Latent Semantic Indexing

After you know how to do keyword research, you need to learn and understand latent semantic indexing. Search engines are now very sophisticated and intelligent. For instance, Google uses latent semantic indexing to understand the relation of the keywords and relevant terms in a web page.

So, aside from the primary keyword, your content should also contain secondary keywords for high chances of ranking up your site in search engines and increasing its traffic. Then, strategically place the keywords and relevant terms throughout the content (title tag, header tags, meta description).

3. Write a Striking Headline

Every one of us notices the headline of an article first before anything. That’s what a piece of a blog article is designed in the first place: to have a title, introduction, body, and conclusion/takeaway. It’s almost impossible to go straight to the body without noticing the headline of the piece first.

The headline hints what the article is all about, or it may also just be a clickbait (which most readers hate). Regardless, the headline is the hook used by a competent content writer in getting readers to click and read the article.

Given the importance of a headline, it’s a must that you write it to be interesting or attention-grabbing. It should spark the desire of the reader to learn more about what the blog article is saying. Always keep in mind that effective headlines increase click-through rates.

4. Write Intros That Grab the Reader’s Attention

A reader can find various distractions out there after reading the headline. Thus, you should find a way to get him/her hooked. How to address this problem? Well, through your intro. Yes, your introduction should be as engaging as the headline.

You should make sure that the intro provides a few facts about the topic. Don’t divulge all of the details, of course. You can also start with an anecdote that will keep readers to read through the entire article. It’s also an excellent point to build suspense through your introduction. Creativity is the key here.

5. Have a Unique Writing Style or Voice

It’s alright to idolize a great writer. But, don’t force yourself to write the same way as your idols. Instead, you should find your writing style and voice. It’s also crucial to fit the style and tone of your writing with the personality of the brand you’re promoting.

Moreover, you also have to consider your readers. Your writing should relate and align with the preferences of your intended audience.

6. Improve Readability

User experience is an essential factor when writing content. Search engines like Google now look at user engagement metrics in ranking web pages. So, your page or blog article must have an excellent readability level. Here are fascinating tips on how to build the readability of your content.

  • Don’t write bulky paragraphs.
  • Shorten your sentences.
  • Use subheadings and whitespaces effectively.
  • Give direction to readers by using transition words.
  • Write in an active voice.
  • Check grammar and spelling.
  • Format your blog article for skim readers.

Edit as Long as It’s Necessary

World-renowned writers praise the importance of editing in writing. They say that cutting out the rubbish in a piece of paper is what makes a great writer. So, look for useless ideas, words, and phrases, and don’t be afraid of throwing them into the trash bin. Read aloud during the editing stage to hear it yourself if the piece is good or bad.


Content writing is a vital part of online marketing. So, make sure that you know the fundamentals of content writing to become a successful online marketer. You can take note of the pointers mentioned above for that purpose.