As JavaScript development continues to evolve as one of the most popular coding languages for web apps creation, it is no wonder its frameworks are expanding and growing. Some frontend frameworks have growing communities, while others are only starting to emerge. So, what are the most popular JavaScript frameworks for in 2020? Let’s find out in this article.

1. What is a framework in programming?

Frameworks are ready pre-sets of code customized according to your needs to build a further product. Their key benefits are:

  • no need to start coding from scratch
  • extendibility
  • time and cost-effectiveness
  • reusability
  • ability to deal with the newest technology and patterns.

These days, programmers are using front-end JavaScript frameworks to develop their products and stand independently in this competitive era of marketing.

2. What is a JavaScript framework?

The JavaScript framework is a functionality which provides a coder with a set of predefined codes to achieve some everyday tasks. When it comes to the question of what is a JS framework, in simple words, it’s an application framework written in JavaScript where the coders can accommodate the functions and use them as convenient.

What are JavaScript frameworks used for:

  • Development of large apps that must be scaled
  • Adding interactivity to websites
  • Creating mobile apps
  • Server-side rendering and programming
  • Development of games
  • Developing server apps

3. The most popular JavaScript frameworks

When it comes to choosing the best JavaScript framework, the rates may vary significantly. Our top JavaScript frameworks list was outlined basically in terms of the most used JavaScript frameworks, based on popularity as of 2020, frequency of implementation, and most loved by the developers, according to recent surveys.


a. Angular JS frameworks

One of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks and our top JavaScript framework is Angular. Google implements this framework, and this Google js framework was rewritten from Google’s backend AngularJS to a framework.

Angular JS framework extends the HTML into the application and is often used for developing a Single Page Application (SPA).

b. React js frameworks

React framework was developed by Facebook and remains of the leading JS frameworks today. React JavaScript framework is implemented to develop the dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high traffic. React JS UI framework provides a cross-browser interface to a native event and is more responsive due to Concurrent Mode and the Suspense model.

c. Vue js framework

Vue is less complicated than Angular or React. It comes with a dedicated library for application management. Vue JS frameworks are great for creating server-side apps and enterprise-level apps. It is excellent in terms of its workflow to other frameworks.

d. Node js framework

Node js backend framework is often used on large scale web apps, as its engine allows JavaScript to operate on computers in addition to web browsers. So it can run both on the client and the server-side, making this full-stack JavaScript framework suitable for front-end and back-end development. Node.js unit testing framework is flexible and dynamic, so it is a frequent guest on a large scale, server-heavy application programming.

e. JS testing frameworks

JavaScript testing frameworks are implemented for efficient automated testing in the release cycles. They reduce the effort involved in validating repetitive tests. JavaScript testing frameworks have emerged due to the increasing demand for automation testing and fulfill different purposes.

f. MVC framework

MVC js frameworks stand for the Model-View-Controller pattern that helps developers arrange their code in an uncluttered manner.

MVC js framework can be used in combination with manual code that introduces the all-important business the real-world business rules for such software.

g. Other JavaScript frameworks

Django JavaScript framework is for the developmental simplification of database-driven websites. As a Python-based web framework, Django can be used for JavaScript if you don’t want to use Python for your JS-based Django project.

Mocha (JavaScript framework) is the Node JS framework hosted in Github. Being rich in features it makes asynchronous testing simpler and ensuring accurate and flexible reporting.

Meteor framework covers almost a significant part of the software development, namely backend development, database management, business logic, and rendering of the frontend.

Discord js framework is a NodeJS module allowing interaction with the Discord API. It makes your bot’s code much cleaner and easier to understand and manage.

Spa JavaScript framework is a router for frontend microservices, allowing coders to implement many frameworks in a single-page application by splitting code according to functionality.

Aurelia JavaScript framework is often called the next generation frameworks, as it can be implemented on any interface and allows to develop more robust websites based. It can be used for full-stack development.


4. JavaScript framework market share

JavaScript framework market share alters periodically, according to hot frameworks. So when you ask which JavaScript framework should I learn, there is no single right answer. While Vue.js is often said to be the most comfortable JavaScript framework to learn, Angular is one of the hottest trends in 2020 at the moment, yet complicated. Choosing a JavaScript framework should depend on your work scope, the specifics of the projects you are planning or currently working on.