TOGAF® stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework, a developmental method generally used by enterprises to plan and design their IT architecture. Its first version was launched in 1995 and was created by the Department of Defense (DoD).

However, shortly the DoD handed over the framework to the Open Group Institute, and it has handled it ever since. Through this framework, TOGAF® professionals communicate with various department heads and design and implement an IT strategy quickly and effectively.

TOGAF certification is usually preferred more as it takes a high-level understanding of the framework that an enterprise uses to plan, design, implement, and execute its strategy. TOGAF® certified professional to act as a simplifier who elucidates complex technical processes.

The TOGAF® professional establishes the technology and applications blueprint to direct and guide the organization based on TOGAF® standards for technology infrastructure.

The primary responsibility of TOGAF® certified professionals is to ensure that there is a pattern between an organization’s principles and aims and aspects of information technology.

Hereinbelow is a list of 12 reasons why an individual should get a TOGAF® certification course:

1. It is high demand for Enterprise Architects.

As IT technology and architecture have become even more tightly integrated into an organization’s success, savvy companies are using TOGAF® Certification to strategize how their business’s enterprise architecture should be managed on both a short- and long-term basis.

2. It understands a common language.

TOGAF® certification training rains professionals in such a way that they share common knowledge and expertise, which will help these individuals to identify business needs better.
It has a staged approach.

To get certified, there is an enterprise architecture exam that has two levels, i.e., the Foundation level and the Certified level. This understanding allows professionals to learn the basics of the TOGAF framework, and built on that knowledge; they become experts.

3. TOGAF® is a budget-friendly certification.

The cost of the Certification is meagre. The price for both the TOGAF training together is a clear investment for your future.

4. It will boost your salary and your career.

The pay scale immediately boosts and also indicates that average salaries for TOGAF® certified professionals start at more than $80,000.

5. The Certification provides for new opportunities.

Certifications taken up by professionals show that in industries, you have been trained and tested by an industry-recognized board and are well-versed in concepts pertinent to the field.

6. It speaks a language common to all professionals in your field.

After getting certified by TOGAF, professionals can speak the language common to all professionals in their field. This makes collaboration easier with everybody on board with your ideas.

7. It enables you to meet your company’s needs better.

Most organizations usually seek ways to do the most with the least amount of time and effort. This principle is the main focus of TOGAF® certification. A TOGAF® certification classes train you on how to perform tasks with efficiency. This training helps in reducing the company’s costs and increases its profit margins.

8. The Certification helps in working on managerial skills.

A TOGAF® certification blends the technical with the management aspects of IT, and as a result, it is a great stepping stone for aspiring managers. This also means that they have to consider and weigh different perspectives while implementing a project.

9. The Certification validates your skills.

TOGAF® is a recognized certification and has a mark of trust. Companies trust the skills and knowledge when a TOGAF® certificate has authenticated it.

10. This Certification provides networking opportunities.

Like all other certifications, TOGAF® Certification enables professionals to meet other professionals in the same field. This helps develop contacts, understand new trends in the industry, and share ideas that could improve TOGAF® principles.

11. There are no prerequisites for taking the TOGAF® Certification Course.

Unlike others certifications, TOGAF® Certification Exam does not have any requirements for taking the Certification. This makes it easier for professionals who pursue a career in IT architecture and will find it easy to do so after getting certified.