A video designer or video editor’s job is to use raw footage (audio or video) and various graphics to narrate a story. A video editor’s workday might consist of establishing a manuscript, treating storyboard, modifying various video clips, and sorting out pictures for multiple platforms.

Video editors also have to work on short-form videos to be used in daily web content and even on long-form content for various other platforms.

Moreover, video editors also have to work on sourcing and producing various graphics, special effects, animations, songs, and sound bites.

A video editor is responsible for the ultimate quality of the long-form video or short-form video content to be aired on various platforms. Therefore, video designing and video editing are quite tricky and need specialized skills to perform the task.

1. What are the Skills of a Good Video Editor?

To be a good video editor, one needs to have these following skills:-

  • A better understanding of techniques to construct stories.
  • Thorough working acquaintance with non-linear editing software.
  • Must be capable of doing expert color correction.
  • Must create extraordinary motion graphics.
  • Understand video set-ups and principles.

Apart from this said expertise, a video editor needs to have in-depth knowledge about the subject and various other necessary skills:

2. Great Communication Skills

You need to be good at the communication part because, as an editor, you have to be a great storyteller and to be a good storyteller, you must have this essential technical know-how, like:-

  • Add and reorganize clips inside the primary narrative
  • Roll, ripple and trim video clips
  • Blade, swap gap, wave delete, and seam through the edit
  • Execute connect edits
  • Produce and edit in an associated storyline
  • Adjust acoustic levels

Being a storyteller, you also have to play with the camera angles and special effects to connect with the audience.
Strong interpersonal abilities required to work in a team consisting of cinematographers, directors, music producers, and various other staff, etc. This is an essential aspect of communication, as well.

Try to make the video introduction eye-catching and out of the box. A good intro grabs the 30 percent attention of the audience on an average at the start.

When you are editing invitation video intro with invitation maker using its design, for example, you have to understand how the audience would want it to be, insert few special effects at the start to grab the attention, and Voila! Your job is done.

3. Great Storyboard Ideas

A video editor has to shape the given narrative’s visual representation to make it a complete story. Therefore you must need to know the following aspects like:-

  • Storyboard stages since theory sketches, thumbnails, and animatic structure
  • You need to know various tools and means for storyboard design
  • You also need to learn the importance of drafting during the boarding procedure
  • Must know operational boarding schemes
  • Composition and blocking
  • Coherence between various shots
  • Visual character development
  • Transmission of the mood, tropes, and visual idioms.

4. Be Jack of all Trades

To be a good video editor, you need to be the jack of all trades. Editors need to have a thorough knowledge of the industry, the production, and what is happening around in the same editing space.

Video editors need to know the changing equipment and the latest gadgets in the video editing industry.

Being a good video editor also requires possessing the right eye for angles and special effects. Editors also need to have problem-solving skills to manage and play with the footage to get a final video. They may also have to deal with production delays with efficiency.

Working for long hours and remaining calm under critical situations is also needed for a good video editor.

Know the In-and-Out of Video Editing

Being tech-savvy is required in this line of work. Along with it, you have to have an eye for creativity. You have to hold knowledge on each technical aspect of various cameras, software and instruments like:-

a). Essential software:-

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Light Room

b). Microphones and sound gear:-

  • Shotgun microphone
  • Lappel microphone
  • Cordless microphone set
  • Condenser microphone
  • Zoom recorders

c). Post Production units:-

  • 326 Workstations
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • FCP Final Cut Pro
  • Sound Track Audio
  • Nuendo Audio

You have to know thoroughly about every video editing tool which is being used in the process. You have to know sound bites and various software and applications being used in editing videos, like InVideo.io.

Apart from having thorough knowledge in the profession, you also have to be imaginative and expressive to get a splendid result at the end of your video editing process.

5. Patience

Video editing work may take a lot of time as it involves various experiments and changes. Therefore, it may happen that editors often get impatient to finish their projects quickly. In the process, they end up having flaws and mistakes in the final edition, which ultimately results in doing the project all over again from the start.

Therefore, it is always better to hold as much patience while going through video editing work. The editors need to go through all the processes correctly, do all the necessary trials, and test appropriately before finalizing it.
Moreover, if you are editing sound, you have to be careful about proper gadgets to support the quality.

You need a multi-channel sound source to do the testing for multi-channel audio clippings.

6. Multitask

Multitasking is another critical feature to be a good video editor. While working on the project, you may have to work on various software, settings, and applications simultaneously.

You have to concentrate on numerous aspects apart from editing the video only, like:-

  • Arrangement of interface with audio
  • Examining audio physiognomies
  • Adjusting acoustic volume
  • Regulating audio gain
  • Generating split edit
  • Fine-tuning audio levels
  • Adjusting Audio Mixer
  • Modifying EQ

7. Final words

Video designing and editing is a viable career option as long as you put your creativity into work. You must be concerned regarding every detail and deliver the project as per the clients’ needs. You need to understand the narratives and edit flawless video content accordingly.

Therefore, using these tips mentioned above, you can easily be on top of your video editing skills and effortlessly impress your clients.