People need entertainment to spend their free time or when they are bored. With many TV shows and movies that many individuals haven’t watched yet, maybe it’s time for them to catch up.

If you don’t have a clue where to start? This guide will help you with that. You can use online movie streaming platforms without even spending money on a subscription.

Besides this article, you might want to see more 123Movies alternatives that will satisfy your needs. With that, here are some of the best sites to watch your favorite movies.

1. XMovies8

This platform is quite a superior alternative to 123Movies for a lot of reasons. First, users are allowed to stream online TV shows and movies without registration and at zero cost.

Second, its content collection is extensive, such as films and HD movies, from the classics to the latest and trending.

AS for XMovies8’s interface, its contents sit in a red and black colored theme. The navigation tools are also elegant, but this site needs to improve for the users to search for the content they want quickly.

Since you can use this site to access free TV shows and movies, you’ll encounter several pop-ups and ads. However, if you want to download TV series or movies for later viewing, you can use XMovies8.

2. Cmovies

If you choose to stream using this platform, you won’t get disappointed. In truth, Cmovies uses more than five servers for every episode or movie to ensure that there will be no broken links.

There is also a comment section for Facebook within every streaming panel to know who is watching a similar film.

This platform displays related movies on the lower part of its web page if you want to know what to view next. With that, knowing what to watch next will be much easier.

Overall, Cmovies is a recommended alternative for 123Movies that you should not miss.

123 movies online

3. Bmovies

If you want to have an exceptional streaming experience, then Bmovies won’t disappoint you.

It features a similar interface and content to 123Movies, and you can pick from its extensive collection of movies categorized by country or genre.

Like the other platform on this list, this site has a user-friendly interface with a blue and black theme.

Users might encounter pop-ups and ads, but it won’t bother you for long if you use the ad-blocker. Also, an account is needed for you to watch full movies.

Just click the film’s thumbnail that you want to watch, and you’re ready to go.

4. Takeaway

It is always a smart move to be prepared for rainy days. It means that you need to know some of the alternatives for 123movies that you can access on the web today because those sites might offer more content than the 123movies site.

Ultimately, the platforms on this list are safe to use, and you can have an enjoyable film streaming moment like in the 123 movies. But it’s always up to you if you want to try it or not.