Everyone gets bored sometimes, and school is no exception. Luckily, there are lots of ways to keep yourself entertained. And the internet is an excellent source of enjoyment. One can be productive and look for helpful information, for example, on how to become a graphic designer without going to school.

Others prefer something silly or funny. This list will help anyone as there are both useful and entertaining websites you can visit to cure boredom instantly.

Websites for Exciting Reading

If you are into reading news, interesting articles, and various posts, these sources are precisely what you are looking for:

Studyblrs. This is a new student community site, which offers lots of well-written pieces. Here you can find tips on college life as well as exciting parts about art, music or history. Maybe you’ll find here constructive tips on academic writing instead of googling “write my speech for me” desperately.

WaitButWhy. This is a place of fantastic long reads on everything. The articles are very compelling and well-written. Here you can find something like “7 ways to be insufferable on Facebook”, “the AI revolution,” or even “Why procrastinators procrastinate” (this is one is exceptionally relatable).

The Onion. News doesn’t have to be boring or terrifying. This is a satirical news source that presents real events but in a humorous manner.

It means that you can learn about recent events and have a good laugh at the same time. Here are some of the recent titles: “Fox News Producer Tasked With Calculating How Long It Would Take To Get Kid Rock A Doctorate” and “Mental Health Walk Spent Being Glared At By Quarantined People In Windows.”

Difference Between. The name says it all – this page has articles on differences between various objects, events, or terms. There are posts on technology, language, science, and business.

Websites for Creativity

If you feel a bit creative, here’s what you can try.

Incredibox.com. On this page, one can create a music mix and even download it afterward. It features cool animations and various effects.

Drawastickman.com. Here one can draw a stickman with the cursor and follow the animated adventure. For example, bring a key to open the box and then bring a ladder to get upstairs. It is fun and straightforward, and there is even a dragon.

Weavesilk.com. A stunning platform for drawing pictures.

Make a meme. Well, some might argue that memes are not creative, but we know it is not valid. Create your unique memes and share them with friends.

A little bit of Gaming

Here are resources that offer fascinating games of all kinds. Mostly, you can play online or upload and install games on PC with Android emulators.

  • Kongragate.com. All types of online free games, everyone can find something to their liking here
  • Pogo.com. Another collection of online games.
  • Pokémon battle simulator – hugely entertaining.
  • Sporcle. Intellectual quizzes and informational games.

Useless but Entertaining

Not everything has to be productive and meaningful. If you are looking for pure entertainment without any purpose, check out these sites.

Secret Door. This site brings you to a random place in the world via Google street view. You can explore new cities or nature while being at home.

The Useless Web. This page redirects you to countless useless websites. You click one button and explore the pages that no one asked for.

Find the Invisible Cow. Find the cow; don’t forget to turn the sound on.
PointerPointer. Truly pointless page.
HackerTyper. For those who want to type like hackers in Hollywood movies.

Wayback Machine. The page shows how websites looked before. For example, you can check how Facebook used to look like.

Animal Planet Cams. On this page, you can look online stream from a shelter and enjoy kittens and puppies playing or sleeping or whatever they are up to now.

Procrastinator. Cats’ gifs perfectly aligned to music – what else can you wish for on the internet?

Passive Aggressive Password Machine. Type in a password and get bullied by the site. There is no way one can please it.

Random Things to Do. The endless generator of rather stupid yet entertaining ideas like “When you see a couple holding hands walk between them” or “Superglue Coins to the Sidewalk.”

Pet the Dog. Click on the dog to pet it while both addictive and annoying music is on.

In Summary

Of course, these are just several fascinating resources you can visit. There is an enormous number of all kinds of websites to stay away from boredom. One can take quizzes, rate things, look for TV show suggestions and movies for teachers to show students. The internet is full of information and entertainment, whether you are into documentaries or making memes.