Do you know that Call of Duty Warzone is about more than just fast reactions? Yes, speed is not the only aspect that matters in the game. Instead, awareness, positioning, and good decision-making will help you stand against the competition. As a result, getting wins in Warzone is possibly the most challenging compare to the other Battle Royale games.

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There are several choices to make instantly while playing. But you need to remember a lot of things and avoid many mistakes to sustain in Warzone. So here are some Warzone hacks and tips to help you win Call of Duty.
Move to the battlefield quickly.

Try to get down to the battlefield quickly by deploying a parachute. You can reduce the time taken to reach down before going back to the free-fall mode. You will be able to find better equipment if you are among the first ones to land. It will save you from players who fire at you during parachute drops.

1. Start killing enemies

Start killing enemies Warzone

Why not get done with some players before even starting the game? Call of Duty can accommodate many players at one time. Each player you throw out of the game will help you win easily. The trick is to start killing the rivals while they are still in the air.

You will have to cut your parachute for some time while coming down. Use your gun to shoot enemies before installing the parachute back.

2. Do not shoot instantly.

Even veteran players make the common mistake of shooting an enemy as soon as it appears on the screen. Remember, in most situations, shooting will alert the rival of your position. It will allow them to take cover and prepare for revenge.

Instead, wait until the enemy has a more petite body to hide behind and no other teammates to come in for a backup. Unless you are confident of being an experienced player, do not try to take shots instantly.

3. Buy a UIV

While gaming, you will have the option to buy items from the BuyStations like the UAV. UAV displays a part of the map that shows nearby enemies. There is another critical trick to this.

If all three teammates use the UAV simultaneously, it will display the position and alignment of the other 147 players on the map. But it is not free. It will cost you a certain amount, and you can use it for a limited time.

4. Use sound

Sound is one of the most significant assets in Warzone Call of Duty. Try to listen for the enemy’s footsteps, coughing in the gas, reloading, shooting, and plating. In addition, you will be able to hear the enemy’s loadout dropping, which can help you pinpoint a probable location of a nearby opponent.

The sound will also let you know the moment it is safe to shoot the enemy. But yes, make sure that you move with dead silence and minimum noise while moving to an enemy team.

5. Be with the team

Please do not try to run off to face the enemies all alone. If you wish to be involved with any other team in between the game, inform the teammates.

Try to be specific about how you would like to infiltrate. If anything stops you from moving forward, say it promptly to the team. So, always communicate with the squad and stick together to avoid unnecessary trouble.

6. Use the gas

It is usual for you to work linearly, making way from one ring to the next. It is avoidable mainly but rotating around in a pinwheel motion is a better option.

It will allow you to use gas as a shield and protect yourself. As you will keep moving in a spiral motion, enemies cannot take you out from the sides or behind, as against running blindly to the next circle.


Warzone includes the best features among the popular Battle Royale games with unique twists and turns. You will have to keep yourself updated with the latest additions in the game. The above tips will make sure you hit the battlefield and keep up with the competition. So, give up the fear and experience the adventures of Warzone.