Successful Airbnb business owners must be either super effective and productive 24/7 or can use Airbnb management services for business automation.

Unless you are prepared to manually change rates depending on the season and demand, promptly respond to guest messages, contact cleaners after your guests leave, and manage the calendar manually – we strongly suggest trying Airbnb management software.

Why is it recommended? Airbnb software helps to ensure impeccable guest communication, increase in the number of positive guest reviews, and improve your rankings.

With the help of such software products, you can sync your calendars in real-time, manage multiple Airbnb accounts simultaneously, and coordinate the service teams faster and more effectively.

1. What tasks can be solved with the help of Airbnb Management Software?

Airbnb management software can help to solve almost all of the host’s tasks except for the administrative ones.

a) Responds, reviews, check-ins, check-outs

Get ready to use artificial intelligence and have just one dashboard for all accounts, for ease of managing multi-calendar, for smooth listing management, and much more.

You will be able to use all the benefits of automation: auto-messages to your guests, securely manage check-in and check-out of your guests wherever you are, auto-tasks for delegating work for your team members, and auto-reviews to ensure your 5-star rating is achieved in no time.

Automated communication is a crucial goal because most travelers want to get a response as soon as possible. Automation helps you never miss their messages and never lose profit as a result.

b) Scheduling, coordinating, delegating

In case you don’t enjoy full automation because of concerns about losing control, try the task and team management features to delegate, schedule, coordinate, and monitor the completion of tasks by your team members.

Airbnb management software for short-term rental listings will increase the exposure dramatically by placing your listings on multiple STR platforms in addition to Airbnb: for example, Booking, VRBO, TripAdvisor, etc.

c) Managing several accounts at once

When you manage multiple properties, it may be time-consuming to adjust the price, communicate, and coordinate tasks. With the help of an auto-pricing tool, hosts can ensure they never undervalue their property.

d) Getting valuable statistics and reports

Vacation rental software will also help you to keep records of your income and expenses. It will ensure that you get the most accurate financial statistics to assist you in analyzing the price strategies and profitability of your rental portfolio.

2. Which features of Airbnb rental management software are the most important?

AI-based automation – features, which allow automated posting, sending messages, and so on. Artificial intelligence is a powerful method to provide guests with booking information right away, speed up their decision-making process, and improve your booking rates.

Task and team management systems – features that allow delegation, notifications, and tracking tasks carried out by other people. For example, you have a cleaning service and several employees – you can assign tasks, allocate time, and monitor their fulfillment.

Multiple accounts – one management system – integration of several Airbnb accounts in one convenient software application. Sync your data and do various tasks with a few clicks.

Real-time calendar synchronization – another essential feature for multiple property owners. It allows you to avoid double bookings.

3. What to consider when you select software for Airbnb management?

The first thing to evaluate is the cost. If you own just one property and rent it out from time to time, Airbnb management software is not likely to considerably help you out. However, if you host multiple properties – the investment is worth it. Pick up several software options for comparison.

Compare features they offer: some of them are essential, while others won’t be so important to you. Why do you need to pay for features you won’t use?

Ask your fellow hosts for recommendations: word of mouth is a powerful tool for selecting the best options.
Check out software developer websites. The most important information for you will be:

  • Feature descriptions.
  • Free trial period.
  • Support contacts.
  • Customer reviews.