Scrolling through an old photo gallery is indeed entertaining to do. You get to recall the lovely memories of youth and all your first times. Having all of them gathered in a vibrant crowd is much more relaxed.

Photo collages have been around for a long time, so when a phone has a camera, you should also have a photo collage app installed there. We’re here in 2020, and it’s never been easier to make collages.

There are many collage makers in the market that you can use for free or at an affordable amount. These apps allow users to create photo collages quickly and efficiently. Check them out and see what fits your device best.

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1. Moldiv

Moldiv is one of the best collage maker apps that can accommodate all your image editing demands in one place through the multiple templates, filters, and other editing software. What makes it much more refreshing is the built-in camera and makeup feature for those who want to take selfies.

This app has a substantial photo collection of various designs of over 312 choices available. It is as easy to use too. Only select a layout and tap a picture frame to upload a file. When you fill-up the picture frame, you will have access to multiple editing software where you can readjust images and add different filters.

2. PhotoGrid

This app is a must-have if you would like to have fun making cute collages with the images you have. It has so many free templates comparable to what others have already offered.

However, what makes it unique is its Scrapbook feature, which allows you to add stickers, backgrounds, and even insert a text.

This application lets you select the models depending on their aspect ratios. For example, for Instagram, you can choose 1:1 or 4:5. But you can have the regular one if you don’t like it.

When all the panels have been filled with images, you can alter the border and design it.
The scrapbook functions precisely the same manner as the grid formats.

All you have got to do is place the pictures in the boxes like a usual college. You could also change the design and perhaps try other shapes.

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3. PicCollage

With Pic Collage, you can choose to continue with a classic grid, a freestyle blank diary, or a postcard layout. Take a look at the pictures in your album and select the ones you love: it automatically gives a wide variety of designs and grid styles to fit your chosen choice.

You may then alter the total size of the grid and the cell types within it, modify the borders, adjust the background color or template, and modify the intensity of the picture within each cell, or switch the photos.

4. Layout

A college application fits opposite your other photo-sharing device: Instagram’s interface lets you recreate your images using its built-in layouts. The layout does not rely on Instagram for your pictures — you can have the photos from your gallery and can select up to 9 images.

The Faces tab of the application allows you to get zero on pictures with people in them. Then pick a design that matches the data and incorporate more modifications to make it exceptionally your own.

A simple click allows you to switch, rotate, mirror, zoom in, expand, or consider replacing pictures in a template. You could even try a few other Instagram filters for additional artistic views. When you’re pleased with the outcome, save it to your gallery and post it on every social media you’d want.


Technology has made it much convenient to put these thoughts on paper and see what you have imagined. Collectively, if we look at all the picture collage maker apps mentioned above, there are dozens of choices and ways to make a template. It’s time for you to continue focusing on your artwork.