Have you been looking for a way to use Internet Explorer on a Mac device? If you have, we have bad news for you – there is no Internet Explorer on Mac, not really. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great alternative.

Mac has a proprietary browser different from the one available on Windows. It is called Safari. So, when you search for ‘Internet Explorer for mac download 2020’ today, you won’t come up with the exact same choice.

Not many know this, but when Apple first created their operating system, there was an Internet Explorer for Mac. In fact, this was their default browser.

However, after they came up with Safari in 2003, Microsoft discontinued the development for the Mac. So, unless you are running Mac OS x 10.6 or any earlier version, there’s no way to install Internet Explorer for Mac. There are, however, some excellent alternatives.

How to Run Internet Explorer on a Mac

1. Guide for Internet Explorer for Mac Download 2020

If you search for: ‘can you download Internet Explorer on a Mac’, no real answer will tell you that this is possible. However, you should know that there are ways, alternatives that will allow you to simulate the IE for a better experience on Mac.

You can mask the Safari system as a different version of IE, install a virtual machine to launch the IE for your Mac, or use a third-party browser that’s currently available on macOS.

So no, the answer to ‘can you download Internet explorer on a Mac’ is negative, but there are three amazing alternatives. Let’s take a look at them now.

2. Internet Explorer for Mac by Masking Safari

In most cases, users want to use IE on their Mac for testing purposes. This is an excellent way to check how web apps and websites perform, or access websites that can only be seen if you use IE. These are not numerous today, but they do exist.

So, in these cases, you definitely need to find a solution in terms of Internet Explorer for mac download 2020.

The solution is Safari. This solution allows you to use IE. All you have to do is follow these two steps:

  • Go to Preferences on Safari and click on Advanced
  • Find the ‘show develop’ in the menu bar and check it

Once you do this, you can inspect websites, simulate other browsers, and empty caches directly from Safari. Just navigate to User Agent and select any of the popular IE versions, and you’ll be basically using the fastest and most effective Internet Explorer for Mac option.

When you’re done, don’t forget to switch back.

download Internet Explorer for Mac is via a virtual machine

3.  Internet Explorer for Mac Download via a Virtual Machine

Your second alternative to download Internet Explorer for Mac is via a virtual machine. This is not a simple solution, but a virtual machine can install a full-scale copy of Windows on a Mac device.

Once you do this, you can launch this version as an app on your Mac and launch Internet Explorer. When it comes to Internet Explorer for mac download, this option comes as close as possible to an actual download.

To set up a virtual machine, you need to purchase software’s copy such as VMware Fusion and get a Windows license. Then, download the Windows ISO file and the machine. In the installation window, choose to create a custom virtual machine. Then, drop your Windows ISO file into it and re-launch the machine.

Even though this comes very close to an actual Internet Explorer for Mac download, it is not that popular with users. To do this, you need to purchase both Windows ISO and a virtual machine, which can be costly. To be more, virtual machines are heavy on processors, so they will probably slow things down.

4. Download Internet Explorer for Mac by Using a Third-Party Browser

The third and final solution to your ‘download Internet Explorer for Mac’ is to use a third-party browser. If you don’t like Safari as a primary choice, you can pick a third option that is actually available on MacOS and make it your default solution.

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Here are the best options:

Google Chrome

Out of all options, Google Chrome is the most dominant one among Mac users. Google Chrome is a leader on the browser market, with over 45% of browser market share. It was developed by Google and is available on desktop and mobile, including both Windows and Mac.

One of the best advantages of Google Chrome and the reason for its popularity is the wide selection of features. You can use this browser to search for everything, clean caches, bookmark your favourite pages, and customize your searches as you like.


The number of people who use Firefox over Google Chrome is small, but this is actually a very good browser for everyday use. It is the proud heir of the first web browser used for commercial purposes, Netscape.

Right now, Firefox is a popular, open-source program owned by the renowned Mozilla Foundation. It’s safe to use, fast, and boast a small supportive community on a worldwide level. This makes it a great alternative to IE, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Microsoft Edge

As of 2019, Microsoft ceased its cooperation with macOS. However, Microsoft announced that they are rewriting their Edge browser to make it available on Chromium. This is similar to Google Chrome, as well as the next option in this list, Brave.

This means that as soon as they rewrite the browser, it will become compatible with macOS. So, if you don’t like the browsers from this list and prefer an entirely different option, this will be a great choice for you.


Lastly, there’s the latest addition to the Mac-available browser options. It appeared in 2015 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since.

It is based on the Chromium project, which makes it quite similar to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. It is ideal if you like the features for privacy control and blocking ads. This is what made it so popular among users in the first place.

Right now, using Brave as a default browser might be tricky and come with numerous downsides, since it’s not as advanced as the rest of options in this list.

It’s more of an experimental browser at this point, but still a good option for those who are highly concerned with their searches’ privacy.

Whichever of these three options you choose, you can enjoy a pleasant experience. These are all quality alternative options if you’re looking to replace Safari as your browser with a different option.

It is unfortunate that Microsoft stopped providing IE to Mac users, but there are some excellent alternatives to it. First of all, you can use the Safari browser for all the things you’ve been using IE for.

If you want to launch Internet Explorer, you can use Safari’s User Agent to view some web pages. Alternatively, you can launch it through a virtual machine that runs windows. And finally, you can pick a third-party and give up on IE and Safari altogether.