Managing a small business is not a cakewalk as a small business owner wears many hats. With limited resources, managing the competition from local firms and giant organization is always challenging and that’s why most of the small businesses are not able to survive even the first 5 years of operation.

There are many reasons why small businesses are not able to get expected growth from the efforts but one of the most important factors which affect their existence in the industry is the ignorance towards technology.

In the current era, no business can survive without the use of technology, regardless of its size and industry. That’s why it becomes important for even small businesses to make technological solutions as an integral part of their business.

The list of technological solutions available for small businesses is very long but in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the most revolutionary technological solutions which have now become a new normal for small business and acting as a magic wand for them.

Yes, you guessed it right; we are going to talk about the amazing cloud hosting solution which is being used by small businesses of the modern day era on a very large scale. Before we get started, make sure you find the best cloud hosting provider, to get the most out of this hosting solution.

The cloud hosting solution was not a feasible solution for small business during its initial phase because in order to host business application on the cloud platform, a business was bound to build an IT infrastructure and hire an IT team to manage it and keep it running.

Such costly solution was not practical for small businesses since they are always on a budget constraint but soon after the introduction of third party hosting providers, the cloud hosting opened its door for firms with smaller budget as well.

cloud computing for small businesses

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the miraculous advantages of third party cloud hosting like QuickBooks Hosting in the case of and understand why cloud hosting has become a magic wand for small businesses.

1. Anywhere, anytime accessibility

One of the best advantages of the amazing cloud hosting solution is anywhere, anytime accessibility. In the traditional solution, a firm needs to install the software on their office desktop or laptop and they can access it only through those office desktops on which the software has been installed but that is not the case with third party cloud hosting service as it allows the user to access the software and its data from anywhere and at any time.

You should know that in the cloud hosting solution, all the data including the software is hosted on the cloud server of the third party hosting provider and that’s who you are able to access your data and the software from any corner of the world.

QuickBooks Cloud on a desktop as a service based citrix virtual desktop is an perfect example of remote accessibility from anywhere on any device.

In addition to this, there is no device restriction as well in the cloud hosting solution as for accessing your cloud hosted application; you can use any device which has internet access like mobile, tablet, laptop etc.

2. Enhanced security

Many small business owners think that hackers won’t target their business since they are dealing on a very small scale but that’s not true as according to the reports of the year 2018, small businesses were targeted on a very large scale by hackers. In such situations, choosing a robust storage system for your data becomes necessary and that’s why cloud hosting is the best option.

The sensitive business data stored on the cloud platform is almost impossible to breach since it comes with multiple security layers like two-factor authentication, encrypted data, anti-malware, anti-virus, firewall protection and much more. So, if you are using the cloud hosting solution for your small business then you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of your data.

3. High uptime

Downtime is the biggest enemy of small businesses and yet most of the firms ignore it. You should know that downtime can slow down the progress of your business and can even hamper the productivity of your organization.

cloud computing

Most of the downtime in small businesses occurs because of the hardware failure like system crash. But with the cloud hosting solution, you won’t have such issues and you will be able to maintain business continuity without any hassle.

The cloud hosting providers in the case of third party hosting solution offers 99.9% of high uptime which means that throughout the year, you will only face a few minutes of downtime.

4. Economical solution

One of the best advantages of the third party cloud hosting solution is affordability. Most of the small business owners think that the cloud hosting solution is not an affordable solution for them because of its long list of benefits but that’s not true as the third party cloud hosting can fit in like a glove in even a tight budget.

For example the hosted QuickBooks cost is just $29/user/month which is less than your weekly Starbucks spending. Most of the small businesses are always on a budget constraint and that’s why they can’t choose any solution for their business but this doesn’t apply to third party cloud hosting service as affordability is its USP.

5. Scalability

Small businesses have maximum chances of growth since they are at the initial phase of their business cycle and that’s why they need scalable business solutions which can be easily tuned up with the increasing need and demand of the business.

The amazing third party cloud hosting offers the required scalability to small businesses so that they can scale up their cloud package whenever they need, without switching the cloud provider. In addition to this, small businesses can also scale down their cloud package and even opt out of the service of the cloud provider without any hassle.

So, if you want to reap the benefits of technology in order to fuel your small business then you should move to the amazing cloud hosting solution without any doubt.