Ever since humankind started selling, trading, or exchanging, it started maintaining records or data. While earlier data collection was done on books, journals, and diaries, it was under-utilized. In other words, with the advent of technology and software, data started being used to its fullest potential.

Business owners are always looking to optimize their businesses from multiple standpoints. Whether it is generating revenues or streamlining operations, data can help companies to achieve various ends.

In this article, we will look at why having a data-driven business is essential to succeed. We will also look at five necessary things that every business owner or CEO should pay attention to when it comes to Data.

1. Can using Data help in Business Growth?

Imagine you are a company, which is looking at expanding into the new geographical territory. Are you going to launch the product or grow without doing any research? Will you did not look at purchasing power, buying patterns, existing competition, and location, and so on?

If you have access to the right data, you will be able to execute the launch by checking all the right boxes. Alternatively, if you are looking to transform your organization into a leaner one, you will need to identify areas.

Data can help you identify non-performing teams, personnel, and areas of the organization, which need attention. So to answer the question- can using data help in business growth; the answer is a loud and vociferous Yes!

2. 5 Things Business Owners and CEOs should note before investing in Data

While there is some form of consensus regarding the benefits of data, few are aware of using it in the right manner. This leads to loss of investment with the Data not being able to contribute in a way it was envisioned to do.

a) Decide on the exact nature of your Business Requirements-

According to the Gartner MDM magic quadrant, business owners should use data management systems by fixing their priorities first. This helps in generating the right kind of data and putting the right teams on it.

b) Select the Best Data Services, Provider-

There are many options to choose from in the industry. However, it is essential to collaborate with someone who understands the exact nature of your requirements. This will help in productive business and contribute to a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

c) Cost-Effectiveness-

The primary thing that business partners need to do is research. This involves comparing processes, seeing benefits, and features. Some of the best data service companies provide enterprise-level Master Data Management solutions for a meager price.

d) Orient your business towards a Data-Driven Organization-

Data is not about just installing some software in your computer system. It is a philosophy and an outlook towards conducting business in a particular way. This helps in orienting the various teams and members and increasing reliance on data usage.

e) Setting up an Internal Data Analytics Team-

If you want to start using data but do not have the time to invest in following through, why not set up your own data teams. They can work with external vendors and process data according to the requirements of your organization.

3. Conclusion

Any company, which wants to take the next major leap of growth, cannot do so without data. With the rise of digital (search and social), data has become even more critical. If you are looking to find new consumers, or maintain old ones, you will need data. Conversely, if you want to make your marketing and sales team more productive, you will need data.

In 2020, the role played by Data is going to be the deciding factor between success and failure. Can you help us with some business verticals where data can play an important role? Let us know in the comments section below.