Digital marketing is an evolving field. Those who can quickly grasp the trends and implement appropriate strategies will always be ahead of the rest. Innovations influence digital marketing in technology. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have brought a sea change in the way marketing was carried out.

But at the same time, there is a need to address the loss of human involvement in the process. Modern digital marketing trends are mostly about striking a balance between technology and human responsibility, to widen and maintain a loyal customer base.

1. Some of the top digital marketing trends are discussed below.

Customer experience with your customers about your product or service is no longer an effective marketing strategy. Customers have begun to do their research. They compare products online and are well-aware of the best services. Thus, you should aim to try and give your customers something more than just information.

Primary components of excellent customer experience include engagement, friendly service, and secure payment options. Customers should be your priority. Your website needs to be responsive as people like being able to log in from multiple devices. Enhancing brand image is also quite crucial to reach customers.

Your strategies are implemented with overall customer experience in mind; you will naturally attract more customers.

a) Artificial intelligence

is the technology buzzword today. AI and automation are taking over numerous manual jobs. It is always wise to ”change before the change changes you.” Adapting to change is the key to sustenance. It will allow you to be at the top of your game, not to forget the competitive edge it provides. AI is a way to cut costs and recruit only skilled employees. AI is the way forward.

It can detect searching and buying patterns in your customers. Reports generated will help you understand your customers better. AI algorithms provide personalized product recommendations to customers.

From the customer’s perspective, AI is a significant trend. Customers want to experience novel technologies.

b) Consumer privacy

is they are an age where data is the new oil. While companies are aiming to extract as much customer data to give their customers a better experience, customers are worried about the privacy of their data. Repeated security breaches by tech giants further add to the fear of the customers.

Steps like asking for consent before collecting data can go a long way in strengthening your relationship with the customers. They need to be assured that their data is collected only with their consent and will remain confidential. Show proof that your company follows data privacy regulations.

It is not only about building trust but also continually maintaining it. Even one instance of a data breach is enough for customers to lose faith in your company. Since that would drastically affect sales, it is better to keep customer data private.

c) Chatbots

the chatbot is an AI-based technology that answers a customer’s queries. A chatbot enables you to provide round the clock assistance to your customers. The customers also get instant replies. The responsibility of answering simple questions is taken off the shoulders of your customer support executives. They can now focus on the more severe challenges.

Chatbots can give prompt answers and can automatically recall your buying history, and many customers prefer a chatbot rather an interacting with an actual person. Several top and mid-level companies already have chatbots on their websites. They are used by various service providers like Lyft (ridesharing), Arc Digitech (Digital Marketing and SEO), (travel), etc.

d) Visualization

marketing tool may be packed with information, but it won’t reach your targeted customers if all of the content is in text form. People do not have the time or interest to read substantial pieces of information. If it has to be eye-catchy, visualization is the way. Infographics carry a better visual appeal compared to plain text.

It is something your customers will love. They can understand information even as they skim through the content. Colored bar charts, bright images, and videos help people grasp the content faster. It also stays in memory for a longer time. Your message will be absorbed better by the masses. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of each content blogger of the marketing team?

e) Personalization

us accept the fact that generic ads on social media accounts kill the customer’s interest. You may even risk being marked as spam. In the era of digitalization, use AI tools to understand your customer base. Employ targeted marketing strategies so that your product/service reaches only those who are looking for it.

It has been proven that revenues skyrocket when companies personalize their ad campaigns. The customer feels closer to the company as their preferences are being understood well. As companies are moving towards hyper-personalization, traditional strategies are becoming less effective.