Without traffic, your blog or website is just an IP address that you pay hosting for. It’s like a tree that falls in the woods, and nobody hears it.

To make any money, even just a side income, you need to have a solid plan to get consistent and targeted traffic. You targeted being the most critical part of that equation. When you have the right audience, you end up with fans that convert on whatever you are selling.

The excellent way to do that is through Youtube by creating videos that will send you targeted traffic to your blog. Video is one of the essential content platforms on the internet today.

If you aren’t leveraging Youtube, then you are leaving money on the table. Here are some ways to maximize the potential of video to send traffic to your site.

1. Targeted content

Drive More Traffic To Your Website By Using Youtube - Social Media

To bring in targeted traffic, your content has to be very targeted as well. What I mean by that is that it has to have the user intent nailed down. The material has to be not only useful but precisely what the user expected to see from the search results.

This will usually have the viewer wanting more and will respond to your call to action. With videos focused on engagement, you’ll not only be bringing people to your blog after watching the video, but they will also be precisely the right person that is more likely to convert when they get into your funnel.

2. A clear call to action

To get people to go from your Youtube channel to your website, you need to ask them to. Become a free call to action in the video telling them to go to your site after.

And give them a good reason to. Make the observer know why they should click to leave Youtube and head to another platform.

You might be tempted to run some giveaway or contest, and they can be useful, but those people are not going to turn into fans or engage with your content on your site.

Instead, create a resource for people that is very helpful and then let them know what they will get out of that resource if they go to your site. Even better if there is a landing page that will collect email addresses.

3. Use a call to action overlay.

Besides telling people within the video to go to your site and with the reasons they should, you should use something visual.

The overlay is a banner on the bottom third of your video that is customizable. On it, you should repeat the call to action that you talked about in the video.

You’ll have to sign up for this feature, and it does cost money, but to many, it is worth it. You can spend as little as a penny per click, so if you are sending people to a landing page with a product or service, then you may see some excellent conversions, and it will pay for itself.