2020 is the perfect example of an outlier. It has been an extraordinary year in almost every sense, and the tumult does not seem to have abated. One of the most devastating events has been the Covid-19 lockdown and the disruption to regular work routines it entails.

While we will probably look back and laugh down the track, many families today have to contend with frightening uncertainty. With people struggling to put food on the table, the value and importance of remote work have never been more excellent.

Here, we take a look at some of the most lucrative work-from-home jobs that you can try today.

1. Service

a. Customer Support

Customer support offices are not always windowless corridors full of cramped cubicles. They are increasingly staffed by people working from the comfort of their own homes.

All you need is proficiency and knowledge of the product or service. A good, stable internet connection is essential, too.

b. Virtual Teacher

One of the most severe consequences of the lockdown has been the disruption of children’s education. With classes suspended, many parents are looking to virtual teachers to keep their children engaged and up-to-date. You will usually require some formal relevant training to be able to take such a position.

2. Finance


If you are reasonably familiar with the markets and keep yourself informed of current and emerging trends, trading can be a gratifying career.

One of the most popular ways is to learn how to trade online CFDs (contracts for difference). They require minimal capital investment, but the returns can be enormous. Ensure that you manage your risks carefully, though.

3. Creative

a. Art and Craft

What could be more rewarding than getting paid for expressing your creativity? With so many people now spending more time at home, there is a massive market for interior décor.

If you can create artwork or decorative pieces, there has never been a better time or a bigger market than now.

b. Blogger

Many of us have more time to read and write than ever before. Why not transform the knowledge that you have into a source of income? Create your blog about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences or cater to a specific niche in which you have expertise or experience.

Most blogging platforms have free plans for beginners and allow you to expand professionally if you have success.

4. Wellness

a. Fitness

Well, there is one thing better than being rewarded for your creativity – being rewarded while having fun with your favorite exercise.

Gyms and parks are shut down all over the world, and with so many people struggling to keep in shape, there is a burgeoning home fitness trainer market. You will need reasonably good recording equipment to get started.

b. Healthy cooking

This can be paired up with your skills as a personal trainer. Fitness is not just about working out but also includes selecting and preparing the right nutrition to nourish the body.

The great thing is that all the recording equipment that you use for your fitness videos can also be used for your cooking ones.

5. Professional

a. Consultant

If you are an established professional in your field, many companies from around the world are willing to pay you to share your expertise.

Most of these sessions consist of short question-and-answer sessions that involve detailed information. Make sure you brush up on your skills before offering your services to other professionals.

b. Medical

Many people are actively avoiding medical facilities unless necessary, and there is an active market for medical professionals who can offer their professional opinions online through virtual platforms.

Apart from the proper medical accreditation, you will need a high-resolution display to be able to make observations before you offer a diagnosis.

6. Hands-on

a. Gardening

If you have the yard space and the know-how, this is the ideal time to set up a small gardening business that may grow into something much bigger.

Simple fruits and vegetables are great because they will help cut down your bills and you can sell any extras for a tidy profit. Even non-edible plants are currently trendy now as more people looking to spruce up their homes with some greenery.

b. DIY

Whether you are good with wood, metal, or any other material, there is ample time to hone your skills during the lockdown. One way to make money is to offer lessons online, but if you want to protect those trade secrets, make what you love and sell it online. Many home decoration-related businesses are booming right now.

There is no time like the present to establish a work-from-home operation that will keep you occupied and help you make money in these uncertain times. In most cases, only minimal equipment is needed, and it will quickly pay for itself once you start to make an impression on your audience.