Nowadays, keeping your house safe has become very easy due to the advancement in technology. With the rise of mobile devices, smart security systems, and other connected devices, methods of using such devices have been made as very easy as it was a decade ago.

Ranging from doorbells that tell you who is at the door when it rings to motion sensors informing you of any activity while you are not present in your house, technology has made it very easy for you to keep your home safe and sound.

As new gadgets make your home smarter and more secure, it is still your job to learn how to operate and connect these devices inside your home. A concept, namely, ‘internet of things,’ which means; that all smart devices are connected via the internet or a closed home network.

It has presented a new level of theft from criminals. If you are someone who wants to keep your home safe from theft or any other type of criminal activity, then this article is for you.

Today in this article, we will share with you some gadgets that ensure your house is secure from any criminal activity. Some of these gadgets are listed as follows;

1. IP Cameras

Everybody loves the ease of use of wireless cameras. These usually range from offerings costing 500 dollars per camera to 50 dollars per camera. It solely depends on what budget you have. The more costly the camera, the better the image quality.

These types of cameras are usually wire-free and require a wifi router and consist of a portable battery pack to remain connected to its DVR.

You can also go one step further by installing the mobile app that comes along with it to view the surveillance video on your mobile with the use of the internet.

There are various options possible on the market, like axis cameras, that will help you achieve the goal mentioned above. It solely depends on what budget you have and how much you can spend.

2. GPS Vehicle Tracker

Other than discussing keeping things safe inside your house, keeping all your belongings safe is the primary goal. Your car is also something that can be stolen from outside your home.

However, finding a way that is cheap and reliable can be a difficult thing to achieve. There are many options available in the market that range from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars, but what you choose will depend on your budget.

A product like MasTrack is excellent for keeping track of your car at all times. It is a tiny accessory that plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD port. After that, it powers on and transmits live GPS data, which includes your car’s location, errors with your vehicle, and the speed of your vehicle.

When you turn your vehicle off, the device remains on, as it has a small battery present inside of it. It is a cheap and reliable option to monitor the activity of your car and ensure its safety.
Smart Lock

A smart, keyless lock is an excellent option for ensuring the security of your home. A smart lock comes with a standard keypad. It lets you set a passcode that you need to enter to unlock any door you have put the smart lock on.

Certain products are available on the market that is both cheap and reliable. Products like Keyless Smart Lock from Turbolock are something you can use to achieve the goal mentioned above.

It lets you set a standard code, a master code, as well as eight different user codes that you can give to your family members for exclusive access. While having a lock and key is still the best way to secure any door, smart locks have become reliable to such a level that homeowners nowadays prefer them over a regular lock and key.

3. Barking Dog Alarm

A barking dog alarm is a great device to scare any people away who are looking to break into your house. When the alarm is triggered, it will give the sound of a ferocious Rottweiler dog, scaring away any burglar that might be trying to steal things from your house.

This alarm can also be triggered through walls, and it is beneficial due to the presence of a 360-degree radar detector inside of it.

4. Safe

A safe is a must-have security item if you have a lot of cash present inside your house. A safe has a rotating lock, which is very difficult to break and can only be opened through the set combination.

There are thousands of safe companies out there in the market to choose from it. Something like a camo safe is excellent to hide your money as the safe blends in with other furniture inside your house.

Other small compartment safes are also available that achieve the same thing. It is all about your budget and how much you can spend. So make your decision wisely.

5. The Final Words

Home security has come a long way during these ten years. However, using a combination of old and new techniques is the best way to keep yourself and your home secure. It is up to you what you prefer. Some people prefer smart devices, while some like the ease of using their smartphones to control smart devices present inside their homes.

Today, we have shared with you some gadgets that you can use to ensure your living space is safe and secure from any threat. It is a good idea that you consider them.