One of the most significant innovations in technology that anyone can ever witness is mobile application development. Mobile applications have transformed several processes. It has significantly changed the way we communicate, shop, or work. Ever since the first mobile app was launched, the world of technology has experienced enhancement and evolutions.

People find it convenient to use the mobile application, and hence it has gained so much popularity. Keeping its growing usage in mind, it is not wrong to say that mobile apps have become necessary for every business enterprise.

As a startup company, if you are looking for sāome robust mobile app ideas, or are just planning to kickstart a mobile application department, you will need inspiration. If you are looking for future trends that will be in demand as far as mobile apps are concerned, then you are in the right place.

Find some cool app ideas that will make your app stand out in 2020. This way, you will get to know more about mobile apps in the article.

1. Scan and Shop

As a business owner, you should consider walking in your customer’s shoes or think exactly as they would think. The upcoming years are more about knowing the perspective of your consumers. You can choose to develop a scan and shop application for your consumers. Establishing such an application will prove fruitful for a startup company.

There are instances when people like a product or piece of clothing offline, but cannot find that on the web. With this feature, they can conveniently find the same work over the internet. You can also integrate a part so that users can upload a picture of the product from their gallery.

2. An app that can send a criminal alert

If you develop an app capable of sending criminal alerts, you can effectively make your users aware of the criminals present in their locality. If you can do, consider incorporating an option in your app with which they can find a missing person.

An app with such features will make the lives of people a lot easier. Mobile app development companies should come up with such out of the box plans.

3. Voice Translator App

Have you ever thought about it? How easy would it be if you were able to communicate with people effortlessly who speak different languages? No, without learning that language. Confused? Well, this is an excellent idea if you can develop a mobile application with which people traveling to different countries can communicate.

They speak in their local language, and the application translates it into the listener’s local language. Yes, just as the way Google Translator works. You write anything in your language, and it translates the same thing into the desired language.

It is one of the best ideas and will gain great popularity if you develop an app that can translate a user’s spoken words into the desired language.

4. Gaming Apps

An undeniable fact! Gaming Apps are, until now, the best revenue generator in the industry of mobile apps. Mobile gaming apps are one of the most significant contributors to the global gaming market, and businesses are earning substantial revenue from such sectors. Hence, we have got the key.

Develop a mobile application with out of the box gaming idea, and you will surely achieve success in the industry. What makes a great gaming app? Well, you can consider a few points before you start working on it.

Create challenging gameplay with a multiplayer feature to enjoy it with their friends and family. Also, keep the aesthetics and UI to user-friendly so that people find it difficult to operate.

5. Paint Code Detector | Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Choosing the right wall paint when you are getting your home renovated is a daunting task. Unless you are a creative designer, you will not know the correct color codes that you are looking for in your dining room and bedrooms.

If you want a shade of yellow on your wall, it is not that simple. There are plenty of shades available for you to choose from. Coming up with the right shade is so much confusion.

Being an app developer, you can develop an application that helps people detect the exact color codes of paint they currently have on their walls. It will push all their worries away, and you can get your house repainted effortlessly. Add more convenient features in your shop by letting users buy their desired colors from within the app.

6. Final Verdict | Mobile App Ideas for Startups

There is so much more than the world of mobile apps has to offer to users. It would be best if you found out ideas that have the right potential. Find exciting ideas so that people resist themselves from trying your application.

Detect challenges faced in our daily lives by looking around. You will be surprised to know the capabilities of mobile apps with which such issues are combatted handily. Invest in a mobile app that is sure to generate more significant revenues.