If you are thinking of you can download videos by using free video downloaders on the web, you have landed yourself in the right place. You must know that video downloading can be very complicated now that these days, there are millions of more videos being uploaded daily.

Today there are many tools available for video downloading, but you must choose the best one because using unreliable sources to download videos can be dangerous to your system! Now today, we are going to give you the ultimate advice to download videos from the internet using the different video downloaders! As we have already told you that video content has nowadays taken the web by storm, and this is why we have become more and more video-centric these days! Not only we have become more centric, but people have also started earning money from YouTube and Facebook by publishing videos.

If you were unknown to the video downloading hacks up till now, then worry no more as we have gathered the best ways you could use to download videos from your favorite stations like YouTube and Facebook! Before sharing the list with you, we would want this to be clear to you that all third party applications are providing download access, some without copyrights too, and if you get into trouble by posting one of these videos then you must take responsibility for it yourself!

1. How to Download YouTube Videos Using Free Video Downloader?

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Free Video Downloader

Whenever we talk about videos, the first word and the first station that pops up in our mind is YouTube only. And this is no surprise because YouTube has over one billion subscribers who are, on average, spending 300 hours around the world per minute to enjoy videos posted on YouTube.

The number of videos on YouTube can’t even be counted at this moment because they have reached billions in numbers. Now people usually want videos to be downloaded directly from YouTube, so we will give them the advice to use the online video downloader for this purpose.

2. Savefrom.Net as Online Video Downloader!

The most excellent free video downloader available online is the Savefrom.net extension that is more famous for downloading YouTube videos efficiently! You can download YouTube videos by copying the link and pasting it into the tab of the savefrom.net site and add “SS” before typing YouTube in the URL. This online video downloader will direct you to a page where you can download that video in your desired quality!

3. Online Video Download with SmallSEOtools!

Online Video Download with SmallSEOtools!

Downloading videos with SmallSEOtools is another reliable source available on the internet when it comes to online video downloader! This is also a more user-friendly way of downloading videos than free video downloader.
The procedure of downloading is precisely the same without the addition of SS in the URL; you have to copy the URL address from YouTube and paste it in the search bar of the SmallSEOtools and press download, it will give you links to download in your preferred format and quality!

4. ClipConverter.Cc as A Free Video Downloader!

Clip converter, also known as CC as its short form, is yet another reliable source that we will advise you to use as an online video downloader! It is a free online media recorder application that not only allows you to download but also to convert your desired video into other audio formats! You can use the same copy-paste URL method with this free video downloader too!

5. How to Download Facebook Videos?

Facebook is the second most important tool that offers a lot of media content that is liked by almost every one of us around the world. It has been growing at such a pace that other platforms are left far behind! Now just like YouTube, there are free video downloaders which will help you download video from Facebook. The names are as follows:

  • GetFBStuff
  • FBDown
  • Small SEO tools

All of the above-mentioned tools can be used as a free video downloader. One of the most used and reliable ones is the tool for video downloading offered by the Small SEO tool.

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