Are you thinking of buying a portable body massager? Like the informed buyer you are, you must’ve done your research before contemplating buying one and are well versed with the specific benefits like pain and stress relief, fat loss, etc.

And now, you’ve stumbled upon this article, but this article won’t list the run-of-the-mill benefits of body massagers. Keep reading to find out about the more esoteric benefits of using a handheld body massager.

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1. Lesser-known benefits of using a portable body massager

A portable body massager can help your lymphatic system detox.

The lymphatic vessels can be found all over the body as they run parallel to the blood vessels and function to balance the fluids. The lymphatic system is the base of your immune system, so it’s vital to keep it healthy.

When you use your massage gun to increase blood flow in your muscle and tissue, you’re also flushing out the lymphatic vessels right next to them. This helps in pushing the dead cells, waste, and possible pathogens out of your system. You can also drain lymph nodes by concentrating the massage gun on them.

However, remember to use the massager on the lowest setting. These new massage guns are fitted with high-torque motors that can injure you if used directly on the lymph nodes at maximum speed.

2. Using a portable body massager on the skin to keep it fresh

Did you know that the friction produced by the massage gun against your skin can exfoliate? This slight friction can remove the layer of dead skin cells to promote new skin cells making your skin appear young and supple.

You can also use a massage lotion or massage oil before using the portable body massager on your skin to help it exfoliate even better.

3. Portable body massagers can keep your heart healthy.

You already know that massage guns can significantly boost blood circulation in the targeted area, but what you did not know is that the vasodilation created by using the massage gun also increases your venous return.

This rush of venous return increases blood flow to all your organs, which means that a lot more oxygen and nutrients get delivered to them.

The whole cardiovascular system relaxes after a massage, and it activates the parasympathetic nervous system’s rest and digest mode. That serves to improve the heart rate and the flow of blood in your body. Also read: Are Body Massager Machines Good for You?

4. Digestive wellbeing

The parasympathetic nervous system also plays a significant part in the overall well-being of your digestive system. It regulates your digestive system by providing gastric juices, insulin, and even saliva while stimulating peristalsis (the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the intestine muscles, creating wave-like movements that push the food inside the intestines forward).

Triggering the same rest and digest mode of the parasympathetic nervous system with a massage gun can significantly benefit your digestive system.

Even stress takes a toll on your digestive system; therefore, a lot of Swedish massage techniques involve abdominal massages that directly affect your large intestine. You can achieve the same with your massage gun by targeting your abdomen to regulate digestion’s final stages.

If you do bodybuilding and are looking for maximum nutrient absorption, you should think about incorporating an abdomen session with a massage gun into your workout routine.

This will help the food move fluidly through the digestive tract, and when the food moves smoothly, all of the other digestive organs like the pancreas, etc., will work in conjunction for better nutrient absorption.

5. They can help improve your breathing.

You can use the portable body massager on your ribs, chest, and diaphragm to relax. As the tension in your shoulders, chest, and neck dissipates, your breathing deepens and evens.

Your breathing becomes restricted when under stress. You can even target your intercostal muscles (directly between the ribs and responsible for effortless breathing) to get a more relaxed breathing experience instantly.

6. Using a portable body massager can help your CNS (central nervous system) to relax.

Most of the body pain you experience is the tight muscles exerting pressure on the central nervous system. Using the portable body massager on pain points will relax the muscles, which will relieve the nerves’ exertion, thus mitigating pain.

A healthy and relaxed CNS also means that hormones will be produced evenly. The production of feel-good hormones like endorphins will increase and help you work at optimum levels throughout the day.

7. Improve the supply of blood into the bones

How do you think that bones get the necessary calcium and other minerals to fortify themselves? Yes, through the blood and a full body massage with your portable body massager will increase blood circulation throughout your body and bones. This will provide your bones with extra calcium and minerals to support their strength and function.

Are you still unsure about buying a portable body massager? If this article with its out-of-the-box benefits wasn’t enough.