With apps and software now available for almost any purpose, many people are using tech to make their lives more streamlined and easier to manage. However, as well as saving time, applying technology to your day-to-day activities can also save you money. In this article, we’ll explore how new smart-resources can allow you to be a little thriftier.

1. Book-Keeping Software

If you work for yourself or run a business, you probably know the nightmare of doing your taxes each financial year. Get it wrong, and you face a fine, of course, but it’s also worth noting that if you rush it and only give the necessary details, you may again miss out on ways to claim amounts back or receive discounts.

There is now a wide range of bookkeeping software available that can store photographed receipts and invoices in real-time and upload them automatically to the tax authorities when the time is right. These resources will not only enable you to file an accurate return but can also be programmed to let you know where there might be opportunities to save money.

2. Comparison Sites

You can find and compare almost anything on the internet. From finding the best hotel, flight, and car rental deals to sourcing low-interest loans, insurance cover, and the best student loan providers for the needed funds for graduate medical school students, you can use these sites to ensure you pay less for great products.

3. Savings Apps

Many people use online banking and download apps to support this, but did you know that there are separate tools available to help you put enough away at the end of each month? Numerous apps allow you to set aside a set amount – or a certain percentage of your earnings – each week or month.

It works automatically, so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself. You’ll be pretty much-saving money in your sleep.

4. Money Transfer and Conversion | Technology Help You To Manage Your Money

If you work for overseas companies, wish to go traveling, or intend to send funds to family in another country, you may find that exchange rates are often higher than you would prefer. Individual companies charge fees to convert and send money, meaning much of your earnings will go down the drain.

However, many banking and conversion apps allow you to exchange currency or transfer amounts internationally without extortionate service charges. They stick to the primary conversion rate and help you to retain your funds.

5. Energy-Efficiency | Technology Help You To Manage Your Money

Not only is being green good for the environment, but it can also help you to save significant sums of money. Why not invest in a smart meter or a thermostat that you can control remotely, so your home is the right temperature when you get home but isn’t being actively heated or cooled all day? Automatic lights only operate when someone is using the room in question, or you can put them on timers – along with other appliances – so that you don’t waste energy when you’re out and about.