The mere thought of gathering all the components of a POS system together seems overwhelming. It would help if you had a cash drawer, terminal, keyboard, a bar code scanner, a label printer, a magnetic stripe reader, a pole display, and so on. Then, you need to ensure compatibility between the components. After that, you need to configure the system. For some POS systems, investing all this time and effort doesn’t translate to the necessary returns.

Is there such a thing as an all in one POS system, customized to your business’ needs? One that comes with every essential component included? It turns out that there is. Here are some of the benefits of these systems.

1. Lower Footprint

Retail and other industries don’t have a lot of room for multiple points of sale equipment components. And that’s where an all-in-one POS system can benefit. These systems work well in standalone kiosks and other situations where space is insufficient.

2. Ease of configuration

You need to examine the adaptability of each part when you buy each element of a POS system independently. However, all-in-one POS systems already configured so that each element works smoothly the first time you use it.

3. Lower Costs

Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced. By minimizing on-site repair calls, the price of the all-in-one POS system drops. The overall energy uses lower, and wear and tear are not excessive. All this adds up to extra savings. Some all-in-one POS systems are only terminal combos, while others offer a variety of options in a whole bundled package. You’ll find the parts you need depending on your business type and your budget.

Longevity and durability are important factors. Point-of-sale systems can face a lot of amortization, even their delicate touch screens. That’s why your components should be able to withstand dangerous use without needing expensive repairs and downtime. It’s no surprise why so many entrepreneurs are now producing rugged POS cases and displays.

For any small business, choosing the right point of sale system is a daunting task, especially when you have to select and configure separate components. An all in one POS system already includes all the necessary parts. It takes the guesswork out of system configuration and can help save small businesses money. All in one POS management system save businesses money in the long run, even though they have higher upfront costs.

4. EMV concerns

Since 2015, businesses have been held liable for some types of fraud if they fail to integrate the technology to accept EMV chip-enabled debit and credit cards. Almost 50% of business owners cited EMV preparation as a motivator for their decision to upgrade their POS according to a report by Hospitality Technology. A lot of POS companies have already introduced all-in-one POS systems that are EMV-enabled. Small businesses can avoid the high costs ensuing from fraud liability by investing in this technology.

5. Longevity

All-in-one POS systems save businesses money in the long run, even though they have higher upfront costs. The life cycle of all-on-one POS systems is often longer than that of other methods because each component is robust and sturdy.

Most hospitality operators are looking for a POS that can enable their establishments to accept new mobile payment options. Suppliers and operators agree that the ability to take mobile wallet has had a significant influence on POS software purchasing decisions. 56% of restaurants say that enabling new payment options is the top business goal influencing POS upgrades, such as e-wallet. Better integration is a crucial consideration for 25% of restaurants looking to build bridges to operational systems and e-commerce.

Substantial activity is underway for the development and roll-out of POS software on mobile devices (38%). At present, there’s lots of stability in supplier relationships. Just under 20% of restaurants plan to install POS software from a new company. Last year, a third of all restaurants were testing and researching new POS software for possible installation.

Restaurants interested in substantial upgrades to existing systems will look to add mobile wallets (payment via customers’ mobile devices). Loyalty tools and tablet-based POS software come a close second. Cloud-based POS is on the purchasing list for a third of establishments in an HT survey. About the same number is seeking integration with social media platforms. Around 18% are inquiring into the possibility of entering into a Software-as-a-Service relationship with their POS software supplier.

Overall, these patterns indicate that restaurants want flexibility in the way they process payments and take orders from online takeaway ordering system. The POS software supplier community has responded to that call by launching all in one POS method, which defends a lot of time and money.

6. Less expensive maintenance

Cooperating or at least trying to collaborate with separate vendors to customize your POS system can be costly, mainly when the system requires high maintenance. Let’s say you are having issues with your card reader. The vendor might blame the problems on another POS component. As a result, little and medium-sized manufacturers can spend too much time and money, solving a simple technical problem. This will cost them customers and sales. Technical issues are more comfortable to address since everything is integrated as one company is typically responsible for maintaining your technology if you get an all in one POS system.

7. User-friendly

All-in-one POS systems are also much more intuitive and user-friendlier since each component is part of the same technology. The integration of the software is more comfortable and better. This means staff will spend less time with the system, which equates to more efficient and fewer profession hours. The ease of use of all-in-one POS methods also serves to reduce wait times. Customers will appreciate this, and sales could increase. Finally, staff finds they can train their employees on the technology much more quickly because every component is integrated.

8. Cope with Staff Turnover

On that note, it’s never easy to lose a staff member. Still, something as simple as modifying which staff members handle specific table sizes and optimizing a floor layout can go a long way toward entirely efficient services. Even with fewer employees, the right POS system can help keep morale and productivity high.

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