We are living in the most digital and modern age. With the enormous proliferation of mobile devices, you must remain connected with your customers. Text message marketing is a way that allows you to be a part of your customer’s day to day life by giving them a gentle reminder about the message of your brand without annoying them.

It may sound a tough thing to do, but in fact, a mass text messaging app is the ultimate solution to this problem. However, no matter how easy and straightforward it is, its effectiveness majorly depends on the content of the text message that you are going to send your customers.

Here are some essential tips that will help you to write the perfect marketing text.

1. Stay Focused and Precise

Stay Focused and Precise

The most important thing about the marketing text message is that you remain focused on whatever you want your client to know. If you fail to grab their attention from the very first sentence of your message, they will end up ignoring it.

Therefore, you must get right to the point and skip every unnecessary detail that can annoy your clients.

2. Hype and Slangs are Not a Great Idea

While there are many kinds of marketing where exciting your brand and using slangs can work. But, this something that is not appreciated when it comes to text marketing. It is because the audience on other marketing platforms accept it. After all, that is how that platform is supposed to be.

Text messages, on the other hand, are supposed to be very formal and precise. Therefore, using slang and exciting your brand can annoy the clients, and hence, it is not recommended.

3. Offer Immediate Value

It is an extension of the first tip. When your client opens a text, they immediately want to know what is in it for them. If it is very long and doesn’t offer any value to the client in the very beginning, then the chances are that’ll ignore all the texts that you may send them.

So, it is about a particular sale or discount, then make sure that they get the idea from just giving a glance.

4. Make Your Message Loud and Clear

You’ll be surprised to know how the vocab of the text can change the whole meaning of the message. Similarly, you can grab the customer’s attention by making the most critical content in the message bold or by writing it in capital letters.

It helps the reader of the message to understand what you are trying to communicate by investing a minimum amount of energy.

5. Make Them Feel Special

Lastly, engaging your client directly always works. If they are your regular or loyal clients, then reward them by giving them exclusive discounts. More often than not, companies have the data-base of their loyal clients.

Use that data and address your users with their names. It will grab their attention immediately, and they’ll also feel special.