In the olden times, there were only a few notable watch brands available on the market. The tedious processes, types of material, and the resources used are why watches are expensive. The creation of luxurious watches has caught the attention of many collectors. Few brands are at the top of the market, such as Zenith.

Zenith has proven its worth since 1865. With distinct style and classic design, Zenith wristwatches have consistently shown the global market how to produce competitive products that are very sellable. The technology and processes involved in creating every piece are sublime by nature. It is rightful to place Zenith among the notable luxurious brands.

1. Zenith El Primero

Zenith El Primero

In 1969, El Primero took place in the market. It is the first in history to have a desegregated preprogrammed chronograph movement. Up to date, it remained the most exact series-made calibre capable of measuring a minuscule of time. The collection of Zenith chronographs is among the many defying histories that the brand has made.

Also, it has 50-hours of power set aside, which determines its atypical performance for high-prevalence activity, and it is furnished with a date and scaled down to a size of 6.5mm thick and a diameter of 29.33mm. Even today, Zenith El Primero is still on the track in terms of precision, proven to be able to rise in superiority to other brands!

Up to this day, Zenith continually evolves and enriches its product. Whatever kind of timepiece may exist in the future, Zenith shall remain a legend, being called “The First” in developing their El Primo chronograph watch!

2. Zenith Pilot

Zenith Pilot has proven its performance as it was worn by Louis Blériot himself, who was among the few men who crossed the English Channel, England, and France to Dover by using an ordinary Zenith watch. It impressed wristwatch collectors for its design and the solid material that encapsulates astounding quality for an aviation watch.

Even with the formation of various watches, Zenith fulfilled its name as the watch that traversed a long journey in the sky. Zenith, according to enthusiasts, is placed as the most desired brand up to this very day.

3. Zenith Elite

No doubt that Zenith has more to offer when asked about its accomplishments as a timepiece brand. Other than the known models such as Zenith Pilot and Zenith El Primo, they also have a new collection, Zenith Elite. Launched last 2015, Zenith Elite is already soaring high in terms of sales and features. Zenith Elite is an affirmation of Zenith’s achievement as a watchmaker!

Simple may it look like; Zenith Elite is an elegant dress watch that most collectors dream of having. Watch enthusiasts worldwide see it as a prestigious and exquisite product that produces the utmost craftsmanship.

Initially, the Elite collection of Zenith took place in the year 1990, named after its in-house movement, Elite 6150. The 2015 version is a more sophisticated version of the original collection. The commemoration of this movement paved the way for Zenith calibres’ new era. The latest version remained accurate and reliable, similar to the original version.

The Elite model has six elegant variants, which match varied personal tastes in fashion and style. Among the various models, Elite Classic Chronograph and Elite 6150 are the best, chosen by enthusiasts, mainly because of their charismatic features.

4. Zenith Captain

An outstanding model crafted by Zenith that inspires the correct form of enigma is its Captain series. Zenith Captain’s collection aims to astonish, with its polished variety, and justify one’s desire to have an aesthetic watch above the standard.

Among the many awe-inspiring models of Zenith Captain are the Winsor Annual Calendar, known for having the legendary chronograph; and Zenith El Primero 4050 automatic calibre intensifies its tremors up to 36,000 per hour. Zenith Captain assures you the top-most quality in the area of wristwatch making!

5. Takeaway

Undoubtedly, one will look for a second opinion on what wristwatch to buy. Understandably, luxury watches are a huge investment since prices are not a joke. However, to some who love to collect luxurious looks, you might consider buying products from Zenith, whose calibre continually lives up to its name.

If you still want to find more of their available models, you can effortlessly search for them online. You can choose your desired watch that may accompany you in your endeavours. Being classy is expensive, but it is not only the item you are paying for but also the ideas that gave birth to creating a masterpiece for you.