Assembling a 6 monitor setup these days shouldn’t be rocket science. Your choices run the gamut, making it easier to find computers and monitors that meet your needs. Additionally, advanced features allow users to configure the settings for maximum usage completely.

Building a good 6 monitor setup shouldn’t break the bank. Here are some critical steps that you need to follow if you want to create a fantastic arrangement:

1. Finding Your Computer

First, you need to find a good computer. Some people wonder if they can use gaming computers for their six monitor setup. The answer is yes, you can if you already have a gaming computer at home.

Most gaming computers have the components, capacity, and features that are needed for smooth trading. If you don’t have a gaming computer, you should look for one with at least 8-16 GB RAM processor.

Furthermore, you must use a good graphics card. Equip your computer with at least 4GB VRAM. Lastly, get good SSD storage. With this setup, you should be infallible in your trading game.

You might also ask, are brands important when choosing a computer? It is, and it isn’t. There’s no specific answer. Rather than debate whether you should go with a PC or a MAC, you should first identify your trading software’s needs.

Will your trading software and multi-monitor tools work on a MAC? Most of the programs today are compatible with Windows operating systems. However, you can still go with a MAC because you know how to set up the BootCamp function.

2. Decide How Many Monitors You Need

Next, figure out the number of monitors you need. A 6 monitor setup is a good start for severe traders but feels free to add more monitors as you go along. Many traders execute their trades much better because they have more monitors to keep an eye out for their indicators.

The heavier your multitasking needs are, the more monitors you need. It would be best if you went with at least a 4 r 6 monitor setup. You need that many monitors to check your charts and scanners.

The standard display size for these monitors is 24 inches to 27 inches. You can go with a bigger monitor if you prefer fitting more things on your screen.

After that, you should start looking for a monitor stand. The basic setup makes use of 6×1 alignment. You can also go with a 3×2 size, depending on the monitor size you are using.

For more options for those who don’t prefer a stand such as attachment and mount. As long as you choose one that is VESA compliant, you are great to go.

3. Buy the Right Accessories

You can’t start using your six monitor setup just yet. You should complete your setup with a mouse and keyboard first. Should you go wired or wireless?

While it might not be an essential part of your setup, you would be surprised at how they contribute to the overall ease of using your computers. This is why you should go with the best brands that are unlikely to fail you.

4. Choose a Good Adapter

Since you will be starting with a six monitor setup and will likely add more monitors in the future, you will need to have the right adapters for connecting your monitors. Furthermore, standard trading computers don’t have a lot of ports.

Try adding a USB 3.0 adapter to your arsenal. Connect this to your USB port, and you should be able to hook up a few more monitors.

Get a USB hub as well. It’s beneficial when it comes to a multi-monitor computer. Attach a USB Display video adaptor to your USB hub, and this should allow you to hook up multiple monitors to your laptop.

5. Pick a Reliable Internet Provider | Monitor Trading Setup

Trading entails making fast decisions and executing them pronto. However, the execution part is shouldered by your internet provider. If your internet connection is laggy, there’s a good chance you might not execute your trading plans.

Try upgrading your current internet connection package or switching to a new one. Check out their features and compare their value to know which one would give you the best internet experience.

6. Find a Comfortable Table and Chair | Monitor Trading Setup

Lastly, assemble your computer and monitors on a solid and durable table. Avoid cheap ones as they can buckle under the weight of your six monitor setup. You can also go for those computer tables that already come with a pre-drilled hole so you can easily manage all the cables of your computer.

Also, get an ergonomic chair. You will spend hours on your computer. You need one that will not give you backaches and shoulder pains.

There you go! Find the right corner in your house to set all these up, and you are now ready to become a full-time trader.