With the booming web industry, every business is now aspiring to build their websites. However, the overwhelming technologies and options available out there get them confused and dumbfounded, which makes it difficult for them to decide which way to go. One such question that starts ticking on their mind is what platform to choose to create the websites. While options are abundant, two platforms, WordPress and Wix are one of the prominent technologies to utilize for building sites. But, which one of them is more perfect?

Whether you hire a WordPress developer or go for Wix development, there are always pros and cons that need to be adequately assessed to take the right decision. In this post, we are going to dig into Wix vs. WordPress and figure out which one to choose for creating a website. We will be evaluating both these platforms on different points to find out their merits and demerits.

Wix vs. WordPress: A brief introduction

You might have heard of Wix through a massive advertising campaign. You might have an idea about Wix that it’s fast, fun and flashy. And, in a way, it’s dear to many web builders, especially for the cool kids due to simple tools to build websites.

On the other hand, WordPress is more like Windows. It is a popular content management system, which is widely used by nerds and coders to do a lot of amazing things. Both of these platforms offer a simple way to create websites, and anyone can build exclusive sites with these technologies without requiring any technical skill.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which one is easier to build websites?

When it comes to the easiness of quickly creating a website which looks great, Wix wins the race. Once you build an essential website with Wix, it isn’t as flexible, but it is the right solution for quick and aesthetically pleasing websites. Further, Wix provides a drag-and-drop interface to create websites, which is a good thing for a complete beginner.

WordPress is also relatively easy, but you will need to go through some preliminary steps when you want to configure your site for hosting. It might be a little bit complicated to get the site up and running. WordPress provides various plugins that help to extend the website functionalities. But, they are not always too easy to install or implement.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which provides more control over a website?

Though Wix was ahead in the race when it came to user-friendliness in creating websites, it is minimal from the customization and flexibility perspective. If you wish to extend the functionality of your Wix site, you will mostly depend on the Wix App Market. By installing apps from the App Market on your site and enhance the functionality of your industry-specific website. However, Wix doesn’t provide the right solution for everything, and you may not get a proper option for your site to enhance functionality.

WordPress is known for plugins, which are quite famous and used widely by site owners to add new functionalities to their WP sites. One can also hire a WordPress developer to create a custom plugin, which can provide the expected results. Though implementing or installing a WP plugin might be little complicated, but they are potent tools for extending the functionality of your WP site.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which performs better on SEO?

As compared to other simplified website builders, SEO is another field, where Wix does well. You get the right choice of headings, change alt attribute and title and do more with Wix. However, if you choose the free plan of Wix, it doesn’t provide a custom domain which makes it challenging to rank in search engines. It may not be suitable for SEO for image-based websites like photography blogs because Wix gives cryptic names to images automatically, which hurts the SEO.

There are a whole lot of options out-of-the-box for WordPress for SEO, but using a plugin is recommended for full SEO capabilities. Tools like Yoast SEO and Google Analytics are useful for webmasters for tracking site quality. While you get more with WordPress by integrating the right plugin, Wix is still good for several projects.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which is a good blogging platform?

There are several excellent options that Wix offers for creating tags and categories, post scheduling, featuring related posts, and more. It provides a clean and straightforward user interface which one can learn in no time. However, the website editor is more impressive than the layout editor as there are no drag-and-drop features, and the positing features are limited though you get options to add GIFs, galleries, videos, dividers, and images, for anything else, you have to use HTML.

Since its inception, WordPress has been focused on blogging; there are many useful features for blogging like tags, categories, RSS, and more. How your blog will display on the screen depends on the theme you have used on your WP site. It may break some features if you don’t tweak them. With a little technical knowledge, you can make your blog even powerful with WP. So, WordPress can be an excellent option for blogging as it was built for blogging at first and has several useful features.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which offers better support?

There is excellent phone support and help forums that are available for Wix. There are also several tutorials and articles, which are very helpful for beginners. They also provide answers to all your technical questions precisely.

WordPress doesn’t have any official support, but there is a vast WP community that provides answers to all kinds of questions. Whatever you need, you find it on the community forums, but the answers might be on hit and miss basis as different community members may provide solutions differently based on their experience. In this case, Wix is ahead of the game as there is no official and secure support for WordPress. If you hire a WordPress developer, you can ask them for help, though.

Wix vs. WordPress: Which has excellent eCommerce functionality?

There is a new and comfortable e-commerce section where you can choose to create an online store on Wix. You can start your e-store and sell products through different payment options. Some minus points make it a better choice for only small businesses. For example, there are limited functions related to shipping and taxes. Moreover, Wix eCommerce websites also support digital goods, which is a good thing about this platform.

You can use plugins like WooCommerce with WordPress to turn your website into an online store. With some code, you can also achieve a lot of thing with this platform and build an interactive storefront.

Wix vs. WordPress: Pros and Cons  

Pros of Wix Cons of Wix
Different plans suit the needs of various customers. There is no way to export website data in case you desire to change the provider.
Provides an easy interface to build the site with drag-and-drop features. As compared to other options, it has slower page loading time.
Offers a good range of website templates. If you don’t have a premium version, ads will be displayed on your site.
It is an excellent platform to create and set up sites quickly. If you choose more comprehensive design elements that are not part of the template you want, it might be time-consuming and difficult.
Websites can be optimized for mobile devices. Once the site is created and content is added to it, you cannot change the current template.
Websites adapt to run on different web browsers. There are limited Apps or Plugins on Wix’s App Store.
Websites are optimized for faster speed on Wix servers.  

Wix takes care of website security.

Regular product updates from Wix.  
There is excellent support available from Wix and a big Wix Facebook community.  


Pros of WordPress Cons of WordPress
You can download basic WordPress CMS for free and also access thousands of templates and plugins. Hosting is not free.
You can export your site data to other providers when you want to change the provider. The website owner has to install regular updates for plugins and themes.
Provides utmost flexibility and customization options. One can create new templates from scratch. If not familiar with this CMS, it might be challenging to navigate.
No ads on your WordPress website. You will need to hire a WordPress developer for customization, remove plugin conflicts, and other issues.
Offers simple and clear navigation. It requires constant updates to avoid security issues or breakages.
Easy to set up for DIY website building software for the basics. You will need third-party security tools to protect from hacking.
You can get updates for fixing bugs.  
Depending on the content you add to the site, the page loading speed is good.  
There is a large community providing new plugins and templates consistently.  
You can create mobile-optimized websites.  
The abundance of online resources. There are lots of groups and on Facebook and tutorial videos.  

I am wrapping up!

Wix and WordPress are different options, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages for developing websites. When it comes to choosing one platform from these two options, you should make a choice depending on your needs and requirements. You can pick the platform which better caters to your needs. If you want a highly customized and flexible solution, then you may choose WordPress, or you can pick Wix if you want a quick standalone solution for your business. If you are still confused contact the best WordPress development company to find help.

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