For a long time, machine tending has been done manually. They load the machines, unload, and then restart the program as soon as they remove the finished part. This process is done over and over again and can be exhausting for humans.

Finding workers are qualified, willing to stay long enough while performing such a task is not easy these days. Robotics has, therefore, provided a solution. There are robots in the market to make machine tending easier and more efficient.

The most common robotic machine tending applications include the following:

  • The robot loads the raw material
  • The machine launches the program
  • The robot removes the finished part
  • The robot reloads the machine

With a robot, this process can be repeated as many times as needed. The robot has to receive the hard part continuously as the device yields superb products. Manual machine tending can be a hazardous task. Robotic machine tending, on the other hand, makes the job safer and more comfortable.

Moreover, a robot is more consistent than a human and can also work for longer hours. Universal Robots provide robots that are capable of handling items of varying sizes.

1. Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

Robots provide solutions about provide an essential service on many production floors. They fill in the gap when qualified workers are hard to come by. Moreover, robotic machine tending is a lot more efficient, and tasks performed faster.

Benefits of robotic machine tending include the following:

a) They provide the perfect Solution

Many companies deal often deal with the problem of space. A machine tending robot comes with a small footprint, which means it does not take up much room. Also, it comes complete with water as well as a dust guard.

b) Injection Molding

They help to increase throughput for many tasks due to injection molding. This makes the robotic machine tending robots priceless in many facilities because of functions such as:

  • Removal of parts
  • Labeling
  • Adding inserts
  • Screw cutting

These robots not only get these tasks out of the way in record time but also significantly reduce the risk of damage.

c) They Bring Down Costs

Machine tending machines are a feasible investment for small companies. They are less expensive than having a workforce to pay every so often. Furthermore, they solve the issue of worker turnover permanently.
They are also easy to use, and once installed, programs can be brought up any time a new batch of orders comes through.

d) Additional Benefits

Machine tending robots built with accuracy and flexibility in mind. You can have your robot customized to meet your facility’s specific needs. Other benefits of UR machine tending robots include the following:

  • The quality of production goes up
  • Boost in the volume of production
  • Accuracy in repeatable tasks
  • A decrease in errors and damages
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Can be utilized for as long as it takes; 24 hours every day of the week
  • One robot can be mounted between two machines to save time and space

2. Achieving Machine Tending Goals for a Small Facility

It is rare to find large companies experiencing turnover problems. Those seem to feature mostly in small businesses. Also, small facilities can barely cut even with production about volume and production processes.

As a result, many small business owners assume that robots are meant for conglomerates. After all, they have the volumes and the funds to spend on them. However, robots have become increasingly versatile and easy to program. Prices have also gone down.

Small businesses can take care of their high turnover problems by installing tending machine robots. They are capable of carrying a wide range of objects and loading them into the machine.

3. Conclusion

Robotic machine tending is a game-changer in a vast number of industries. It speeds up machine tending work and relieves workers from dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks. It helps to reduce costs and improves the rate of production.

Machine tending robots are viable investments in especially in manufacturing and material handling industries.

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