With MacBooks of every generation worth a lot of money, it can be frustrating if we ever run into any issues with them. But, with every problem, there is a solution. For the most part, these are quick and easy fixes, and in this article, we’ll take you through some of the most common issues you may face with your MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, and give you the ideal solution.

1. It keeps suddenly dying.

A frustrating problem for sure, especially if you are nearing the end of a very in-depth document or design project! Firstly, check to see if your battery is charging correctly. If it is, but your Mac keeps shutting down randomly, despite having a full or nearly full battery supply, then it could be a different issue.

Try restarting your Mac with the power button and wait for is to load back on again, at this point load MacOS. Once it comes back to life, restart your Mac again – this will ensure your tech can go through the full shutdown procedure, which is essential. Once it’s come back to life yet, try resetting your SMC or System Management Controller.

If this step doesn’t work, it may be a case of taking it back to an Apple Store!

2. MacBook is running slowly.

There are plenty of reasons your Mac could be running slowly and, therefore, underperforming. Many slowdown issues are thanks to the machine doing too much at the same time and eating away at your RAM. Or, if your hard drive is so full, your MacBook will struggle to read and write data efficiently, thus draining your machine of memory.

There are a few simple fixes, such as clearing through your hard drive and ensuring you open fewer tabs at once. If you’re still struggling, you could try to restart your Mac…sometimes. It is that simple! You could also try and install an NVRAM memory chip to the MacBook to help.

A crucial thing to note is that if unusual noises accompany the slowdown, it would be wise to take it into the Apple Store as the hardware may be overheating.

3. The camera image for FaceTime is of poor quality.

If your camera is showing an inferior, grainy image and you feel like FaceTime isn’t even worth using before you head to the Apple Store, trying to see is the camera functions with other camera-related tasks. The problem isn’t usually related to the hardware, but it’s worth testing.

If you can get another video communication app to work, then the problem is with the FaceTime software itself. Try updating the app to see if this fixes the issue.

Should the camera be not working with any apps at all, take your Mac into your nearest Apple Store and ask them to take a look?

No subject what the issues may be, whether you can fix them yourself or need to take your Mac to your nearest store, everything is fixable.