Microsoft’s advanced technologies have made IT-sphere attractive to professionals. Even individuals new to the field are now embracing it. One of the technologies making IT so accessible is the Windows Server.

Many specialists, from beginners to experts, are now hoping to be part of those who share this cake. So, in case you’re just starting and wondering how you can establish yourself in this area, you need to go ahead and read this post.

Microsoft has designed the entry-level credentials that you can opt for to launch your career in IT. You only need to choose one exam from a pool of twelve and pass it to gain the MTA certification.

This post focuses on one of the options — the MS-100 Microsoft test. This exam, also called ‘Windows Server Administration Fundamentals,’ is for professionals who wish to qualify as technology analysts. Read further to understand this test’s details.

2. Exam 70-532 Details

This MTA certification exam tests your understanding of the following areas:

  • Server installation,
  • Server roles,
  • Storage and its technologies,
  • Managing server performance,
  • Active Directory,
  • Server maintenance.

In the 70-532 exam, you’ll have to answer 40-60 questions in 45 minutes. The questions have different types as you can get some in build list, short answer, multiple-choice, the best solution, and fill-in-the-blank. Other tasks can be presented in the review screen, case study, mobile screen, and other formats.

You’ll have to realize 700 out of 1000 points to qualify for the MTA. Before you start to prepare for it, it’s essential first to register and pay a fee of $127.

But why is this exam important if this is the first time you’re getting into IT? Let’s cover this and more in the next section of the post.

3. Reasons to Take and Pass Exam 70-532

We must agree the IT world is one of the fastest-growing fields. And this presents new and exciting opportunities for professionals, especially for certified ones. Let’s enumerate reasons why you need to pass the 70-532 exam and get the MTA credential.

a) You’ll acquire new skills

Exam 70-532 will test your knowledge about the concepts needed to complete tasks related to the administration of Windows Server. To be more precise, after passing this test, you can work with Windows Server 2016.

Using various study resources, you’ll get new knowledge that will be helpful as you perform your duties at work. Getting the MTA certification will help you get the required knowledge and experience and make it easier for you to become a professional who can be depended on and opt for the credential of the higher level.

Taking the MTA 70-532 exam, you’ll be getting ready for new tasks that require skills related to the test.

b) You’ll earn a popular IT certification

credentials are well-recognized and are also among the most in-demand all over the world. And since the MTA is among these certifications, it means you’ll gain a lot of benefits with it. The skills you attain are rare and will attract a lot of attention from employers and those you work with.

c) You’ll get to know if IT is something you want

entry-level 70-532 certification exam is the best way of knowing whether IT is right for you. It helps you weigh whether to continue with IT or change to a different profession altogether. One thing to note, however, is that the MTA isn’t a prerequisite for higher certifications like the MCSA.

They are intended to assist you in launching your career in IT. By starting your journey with this test, you’ll save yourself time and resources in case you discover you’re not interested in IT after taking it.

d) You’ll start your career and advance to other certifications

Although the MTA certification is not a prerequisite for higher-level Microsoft credentials, and it acts as a launching pad to them. It provides you with the basis on which to build more advanced skills and become even more helpful in your place of work.

You have passed the exam, received your badge, and determined that IT is the sphere you want to grow as a professional, know the track that appeals you most, you can now go to the next step. With an MTA, you can now proceed to earn the MCSA, which requires you to pass some exams. The scheme that Microsoft presents is getting the MCSA credential, then MCSE or MCSD.

e) You’ll attract better employment opportunities and pay

prefer certified professionals compared to non-certified ones. Being an accredited specialist means that you are dedicated to your work, motivated and ambitious. With the MTA badge, you are perceived as a person that has core technical knowledge to complete the daily tasks efficiently.

Also, with core IT skills, you become a more desired candidate. It could be in finance, HR, production field, and more. So, with this certification by Microsoft, you’ll stand out from the rest. Furthermore, after validating your knowledge by passing the 70-532 exam, you’ll attract better pay.

4. How to Prepare and Pass Exam 70-532 with Practice Tests?

Even though it’s an entry-level test, preparing for exams, 70-532 needs a lot of work. You have to utilize revision resources like practice tests to ensure you have everything right. Practicing with these real questions and answers allows you to discover the nature of the assessment you’re preparing for.

Using mock tests from, you’ll be learning about the design of the exam and other features like question types and timing. And you can get it with no expenses because this site offers several free vce files made by recent test-takers.

Also, Prepaway provides the candidates with a Premium Bundle for 70-532 exam going for $39,97. In this file, there is a practice test verified by IT professionals, a study guide, and video tutorials.

To open the files and experience the feel of the actual test, you need to use the VCE Exam Simulator, which should also be downloaded and installed.

5. Conclusion

Launching your career with the right approach is going to take you far. The Microsoft exam 70-532 will give you the support you need when starting. Make the best use of practice tests and other exam prep resources to ensure you acquire practical IT foundational skills because they will lead you to a great career in the future.

So, the MTA credential is worth pursuing, as it will help you to become a part of the ever-expanding IT sector.