A business that keeps their website up to date and looking fresh shows a customer they’re staying on top of things.

Potential and existing customers easily spot an outdated website. With everyone on the fast track every day, no one wants to deal with a site that is difficult to use and ugly to look at.

A customer wants to find what they’re looking for by a simple search or a click of the mouse. When a company is trying to attract customers to its website, it must be catchy and easily found on the internet.

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1. Security

One of the biggest reasons to update a website and keep it regularly updated is security. With all the hacks and breaches occurring on the internet, a customer wants to know their information will be safe when ordering.

They also don’t want their cookies tracked. No one wants to have their credit ruined because their personal or credit card information was compromised. Security is essential at decisivesites.com.

2. Shows Up On A Search Sooner

When a company’s website is updated regularly, the chance to be found on the internet sooner rather than later also improves. Websites that haven’t been updated for several months show up pages beyond the top searches. If the site hasn’t been updated for more than a year, a customer probably won’t find it.

3. Choose An Experienced Company

Minor updates to a website might seem ok for a regular employee to perform in a business, but one small mistake and the site could be compromised. It’s essential to choose an experienced company that has good reviews and can offer references of customers who they have worked for.

4. A Hosting Site

Another thing to consider is the hosting site that will keep a company’s website safe. Some hosting sites might seem affordable, but their security is lacking, and so is their speed. A customer doesn’t want to get a time-out message because the host site isn’t adequate.

5. Keeping A Website Current

A customer doesn’t read the blog with the latest post from five years ago. The customer might wonder if the company is still in business. The old copyright date on the website will make a customer question if the prices are current or past. It can also portray the products are old, which is another turn off for customers.

6. Educational

Everyone likes to learn something interesting that pertains to their search. If they’re searching for flooring, a company can educate them on the various types of flooring with an informational area. Educating a customer empowers them to make the right decision the first time. This reduces returns and a lack of customer satisfaction.

7. Mobile Friendly

Many internet users only use their phones and never use any laptop or desktop. A mobile-friendly version of a website will increase customers to a site.

Regularly changing a website’s content and keeping it updated will drive customers to the site. A catchy website with clean designs and easy navigation will encourage a potential customer to spend more time on the site as they move from item to item.

Adding details to the description will reduce the chance of leaving a customer guessing if a shirt is made of polyester or cotton.