Finding your dream job is easier said than done. Only one out of every five Americans say they have their ‘dream’ job according to a recent survey by SurveyMonkey. And that number falls dramatically to about one in ten if you take out people over the age of 65.

This means you certainly have your work cut out for you if you want to land your dream job. Still, one in ten people living their dream is far better than ever before, and it means that there is a chance for everyone to find a position they are genuinely passionate about these days.

By that in memory, today, we are going to go over four tips to help you land your dream job in 2021.

1. Improve Your Skills and Education

Assist You to Land Your Dream Job

It’s nevermore further late to move back to school. The reality is if you want to find your dream job, you may need to get specific education that employers are looking for. Thankfully these days, there are thousands of online master’s, bachelor’s, or even certificate courses that can all add significant value to your resume.

In the past, going back to school to get a Master’s degree meant taking years off work and physically attending classes at your University. These days you can take courses online and complete a degree in your own time. That’ a big deal. If you’re stuck somewhere in your working life, going back to school is a great option to get out of the weeds and move forward in your career.

I’m not going to lie to you; going back to school while working full-time is a test, just at the end of the day, if you want to land your dream job, you have to be the dream candidate.

Of course, not nobody has some time or money to go back to school and get another degree. If that’s the case, there are still a lot of options that can improve your skills and education even while working full-time.

One great example is employee-centric leadership training. Leadership training is an ideal way to improve your skills and show your future bosses that you are committed to personal development and creating a positive work environment.

No matter how you do it, improving your skills and education is vital to moving forward in your career. So don’t wait, get started learning today!

2. Tailor Your Resume, Experience, and Education For Your Goals

Tailor your resume with, they will include all the factors like experience, and education to fit your goals is a necessity if you want to land your dream job in 2021. With the current unemployment rate near all-time lows below 4%, the labor market is as competitive as ever. That means you are going to be competing against a lot of qualified candidates who are focused on specific goals.

To beat out all these qualified candidates and win the job, you need to have the right experience and education, which may mean going back to school(like we’ve discussed), or even taking on an internship to gain experience in a specific field.

Also, you’re going to need to do be aware of common pitfalls in resume writing. Forgetting to match keywords on your resume with the job posting for your dream position is a perfect example. Correcting little resume errors like this will help you get past the first stage of the hiring process where recruiters and HR personnel toss resumes that don’t ‘fit.’

Recruiters, and especially executive recruiters, are also great resources to better understand what the market is looking for in your industry. Is your resume up-to-par? Are you a competitive candidate? Who would know better than a recruiter who looks through hundreds of resumes each week to find qualified candidates?

Don’t be bothered to reach out to a recruiter to ask them if you’re a viable candidate for the position you’re looking at, and what you might be able to improve on. They are willing to help far more often than you might imagine, and at worst, it’s additional networking help. Or you can also avoid this messy situation and consult certified professional resume writers who have all the required knowledge of resume building and can help you the secure job of your dreams.

3. Look For Great Companies and Great Leaders

You may think you know what your dream job is, but many times once you get what you’ve been striving for, it’s not at all what it seemed. When looking for your dream job, it’s important not to look for the right position, but also a great company and a great leader.

Try looking through lists like the best companies in Arizona or 40 successful business leaders to follow to find what traits and businesses you admire, then target those specifically to find your real dream job.

Remember, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “our chief wish is someone they will inspire us to be something we know we could be.” Having a great leader and a supportive company behind you is often. What makes a regular gig turn into a dream job. So before you go back to school, or take any certificate courses, make sure you know what you want.

4. Go To Job Fairs

Finally, don’t be afraid to network the old fashioned way. Going to hiring events and job fairs may sound out of date, but the reality is thousands of people land jobs at hiring events each year.

Of course, you may not find your dream job at the local job fair, but you certainly can add to your experience and take the next step on your path to that job you’ve always dreamed of.

These events are also excellent ways to compare and contrast your resume with the competition. Take some time and talk not only with companies seeking new employees but also with fellow job seekers. You never know what you could learn, or who might end up being the connection that helps you land that dream job. Networking is more than just having a LinkedIn.

Finding your dream job in 2021 is easier than ever before. You have more options for improving your education, skills, and experience, more methods for finding that perfect position, and a strong economy at your back to help keep you on track financially during these trying times. So don’t stress the job search, keep on trucking, and you’ll find your dream job in no time, trust me.