Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is an imperative component to boost the brand’s visibility.

You might not know this, out of four, three users only scan two pages while searching for something on the internet. So it is essential to create a website as per the SEO perspective.

When you want to reach several people, ranking on the 1st page is vital for you, and for that, you would need technical skills.

If you have made up your mind to reach the top of the Google SERPs, you have come to the right place.
We have presented a comprehensive guide on technical SEO, which would completely change the SEO game for you.
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1. Create Sitemap

Create Sitemap

How will people reach you, and how Google will know that you have created Content? Through Sitemap.

How will you create a Sitemap? There is one file in your site that helps Google to know that you have made certain modifications to your website.

2. Design Navigational Elements for Users

Design Navigational Elements for Users Technical SEO


It is essential to have navigational elements. The sitemap informs Google that the website is organized, whereas the navigational elements help the users to browse the Content.

This would include linking to various pages within the website so the users could have several methods to access your Content.

If you are using JavaScript for creating the web page, ensure to utilize HTML tags, which represent hyperlinks that are used to link the pages with one another.

3. Use the Tag Appropriately

Use the Tag Appropriately-Technical SEO

Every web page must have a title and <title> tag that notifies Google and the users about the topic of each page.

This tag is essential to inform Google about the difference in each page. Thus, it is imperative to have unique as well as appropriate page titles.

The page must also include a description meta tag, which would help the users to know what the page will provide.

The title tag can be short in sentences or can also be as long as a paragraph.

Both and the <title> tag must be integrated in the of the HTML document.

It is also essential to use the heading tags. When you are tagging important headings, it will let Google know that this is important for the user.

Above all, different heading sizes and subheadings are also useful in helping the reader navigate the Content.

It would be best if you created an outline and then choose which part will serve best for headings as well as subheadings.

4. Create Content based on Smart Devices

Create Content on the Basis of Smart Devices - Technical SEO


One of the essential things that can hit up the world of SEO is smart devices. It is necessary to ensure that the Content is completely unique.

Your web page can appear at the top of search results, but the same will not be the result when you are using smart speakers for searching for something.

The reason behind this is when you ask something to your smart speaker, and Google will look upon the top 10 results.

In a search to find the most accurate results out of 10, one has to ensure that rich snippets are used in the Content.

The rise of smart speakers are likely to rise more in the coming years; therefore, using structured data will be inevitable for business.

5. Know-How to Efficiently Use the URLs

Know-How to Efficiently Use the URLs - Technical SEO


Each Content would need URL, and then only Google will be able to crawl Content and suggest it to the users.

For example, if you have an online clothing store, you would need a separate URL for each type of cloth and each one you sell.

6. Make Your 404 Page Creatively Sound

Make Your 404 Page Creatively Sound

When the users type the wrong URL or click on a broken link, you can let them know that a particular page is not working, but the domain is correct. This is a 404 page, and almost every website has this page.

Without this, users who visit this page can be rerouted to another broken page or can be bounced on a completely new website.

If users don’t want them can leave your site, you must customize the 404 pages where the home page is linked to the direct visitors.

This helps the users know that your website or business exists despite a distinct page being constructed.

7. Usage of HTTPS

Usage of HTTPS

When the HTTPS is used in the site, it means the website is safe and secure.

You might know that HTTPS stands for “hypertext transfer protocol secure.” Thus, its simple task is to protect the user entered data and data present on the website.

It is mostly used for eCommerce sites, but with the new data privacy policy, it is a vital practice for every website to use HTTPS.

The data sent through HTTPS is secured by using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol.

TLS provides three layers of protection that is encryption, authentication, as well as data integrity.

Encryption is a process of scrambling data so that it is noticeable to the target audience. It can be anything like personal information, bank account information, conversations, or anything which requires a password or login.

Data integrity is judged based on how data can’t be viewed, changed by the authorized viewers, or corrupted or not.

Authentication helps in knowing that the users visiting your site are real, which helps in building trust and also boost the SEO rankings. If you want to make money with an SEO agency. provide your SEO services online.

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8. Examine the Broken Links in Your Site

Examine the Broken Links in Your Site

Having a 404 page is beneficial, but you do not want them to see this page.

When your users are directed to 404 pages, it not only affects the user experience but also influences the rank of your website.

You can use tools such as Google Chrome’s Broken Link Checker that can help you to recognize and correct the broken links.

9. Conclusion

The world of SEO is continuously evolving.

It is not that you publish the blog and assume your Content is so good that people will be compelled to read it.

Even if the Content is worse, and the marketing is on point, it helps them to stay in the higher Google SERPs.

By focusing on necessary technical SEO skills, you can protect your brand, which you have created with utmost hard work.

If you do not want your website to fail due to technical faults, it is the right time to contact the best SEO company in Sydney.

We hope by using the above-given technical tricks, you will be able to reach your definite SEO goal.