You see TONS of abandoned carts in your store is insanely painful to watch.

It’s one of those heartbreaking ‘So near, yet so far’ scenarios that business owners hate experiencing.

Sadly, and if I’m guessing right, you’re having abandoned cart problems, aren’t you?

You wouldn’t be reading this guide after all.

However, the good news is that I will share several tried and tested tips that you can implement to reduce your virtual abandoned carts.

If you’re sick and tired of your web visitors not pushing through with their purchases, then continue reading.

1. Remove Distractions

Distractions can come in various shapes and forms.

It could be a social sharing button, a banner, or perhaps a catchy photo, etc.

You need to make sure your checkout pages are as clean as can be. When nothing distracts your customers from pushing through with the purchase, you’re likely to see a massive dip in your abandoned carts.

If there are other things you’d like your customers to do aside from buying your products, you can add them after the customers’ purchase is completed.

For example, if you want them to share your discount coupon with their community, you can tell them about sharing your coupon in your “Thank you” page or email, which only appears after they’re done with their purchase.

2. Improve Your Website’s Aesthetics

Cybersecurity is a real threat that more people are starting to feel tangible.

Back in the day, people didn’t think they’d be victims of cybercrimes because millions of people were online.

However, with news of millions of people getting impacted due to established companies getting hacked, the netizens are now wary of cyberattacks.

Improve Your Websites Aesthetics

That’s why you need to improve your website’s aesthetics.

If your customers are greeted with countless banner ads and pop-ups after they click your “Buy Now” buttons, there’s a good chance they’ll question the integrity of your website.

After all, it’s what spammy, fraudulent sites do — serve TONS of banner ads and pop-ups to their users.

If your customers mistake your site for a fraudulent one, they won’t think twice about clicking away even though they’ve added several items into their virtual carts.

Another strategy you can employ to increase your customers’ confidence level in your store is to add reviews and ratings.

Amazon even has a rating and review section on its pages.

Just by looking at the positive reviews and the number of ratings, your customers can feel comfortable that they’re dealing with a legit company and they’re about to buy a high-quality product.

3. Simplify The Checkout Process

Short and simple is always better when it comes to creating a checkout process.

The shorter your process is, the less time it’ll take your customers to complete the purchase.

Considering how busy people are nowadays, a short checkout process is hands down the way to go.

Also, when you keep your checkout process straightforward, it removes any potential confusion from your customers. Their purchase becomes 100% predictable, which is always a good thing since it gives them a safe and secure feeling while purchasing.

To have a short and simple checkout process, be sure to use a reliable eCommerce platform. It allows you to customize your checkout process, which helps you remove any part of the transaction that isn’t necessary.

The good news is, there are countless eCommerce platforms for small businesses that you can choose from.

The platforms come with various features and pricing that you can find the right eCommerce platform to house your business. What’s more, eCommerce platforms now have hundreds of third-party integrations.

Even if the eCommerce platform you want to use doesn’t have the native feature you’re looking for; you can almost always install a third-party app that has the features you want.

4. Add Compelling Content

Your website copy plays a crucial role in making your customers stick or making them leave.

With compelling content on your pages, it’s easier to nudge your customers towards completing their purchases.

For example, you can add a 10-second testimonial video on your checkout page for added social validation.

If your customers are still thinking twice about making the purchase, watching that 10-second video might be what they need to proceed.

Also, learn how to speed up your videos should you decide to add them to your pages. The last thing you want is your videos buffering when your customers click them.

Slow-loading videos can easily ruin your customers’ experience while they’re on your checkout pages.

5. Add a customer support chatbox.

Adding a customer support chatbox can do wonders for your conversion.

Here’s the thing, some of your customers click away even before clicking your “Buy Now” buttons because they have questions they’d like to ask.

Add A Customer Support Chatbox

Their questions could be about your product features, guarantees, or price.

It would help if you addressed their inquiries the soonest, ideally, without them leaving your checkout pages so they can complete their purchases asap.

Adding customer service chat software for your business can help you achieve that.

Mamas & Papas, for example, has a customer support chat box that their web visitors can click if they have any inquiries they want to be addressed.

Instead of leaving your checkout page, holding off on their purchase, and going to their email accounts to ask you about your products, they can click the chatbox on your checkout page and have their questions addressed right then and there.

No need to click out of your checkout pages.

No need to put off their purchases.

And they don’t need to send you an email.

The best part is that you can purchase online several affordable customer service chat software for small businesses.

Some even have AI capabilities, so your customer service chat software is put on steroids.

Having the chat box won’t only reduce your abandoned carts; you can even reduce your workforce costs since you don’t have to hire several customer service agents.

Reduce your abandoned carts now

If your abandoned carts are ridiculously high right now, don’t be overwhelmed.

You don’t need to throw in wads of cash to address your excessive abandoned carts.

If you implement the tips shared in this guide, you are bound to see your abandoned carts decrease.