Technology has been acting as a magic wand for businesses for a very long time. Whether it was the emergence of the software era or the influx of the internet, every technological change has made businesses more effective, quick, efficient, and productive.

Whether you are dealing in the accounting industry or the construction industry, technology must have left palpable results in your industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are using managed IT service providers or moving to an AI-based application, you are slowly drifting toward the technological trend and it will surely be good for your business.

But in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the most revolutionary technologies that changed everything for business and that is the cloud.

Cloud computing was considered as an opulent technology during its initial phase but soon as the concept of cloud computing evolved, it opened its door for small and medium-sized businesses. Now, in the modern-day era, cloud computing has become the order of the day and its burgeoning uses show how deeply it has now integrated with industries.

But in this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 5 problems that the cloud has solved for businesses with ease.

1. Mobility

Mobility is something that wasn’t focused on much in the past. But now, due to the current landscape of the market and the changing business models, mobility has become paramount for every business. The acculturation from the non-mobile approach to mobility is a result of round-the-clock service and availability of the product.

cloud hosting mobility

The more mobile your firm will be more, the more active it can be. But mobility has never been an easy thing to achieve for businesses. This is because mobility requires a certain degree of global accessibility which has hard to attain. But all these things changed after the proliferation of the cloud.

With the help of the cloud, your employees can access the applications and hardware regardless of where they are. This simply means that your employees can easily work from home without any type of operational hitches. E.g. Office 365 ProPlus is a widely used premium collaboration tool by Microsoft which is popular among IT enthusiasts for enhanced productivity.

If you are going to shift to the cloud computing platform then all the physical hardware will be hosted offsite at a separate location and this will allow you to save lots of energy. There is no doubt that servers consume a large amount of electricity which means increased expenses.

You might have started thinking that this is an insignificant benefit of cloud computing but that’s not the case. In reality, this is the most important reason why businesses are now shifting to cloud computing solutions.

This being said, there are various types of cloud computing platforms private, hybrid, and public. If you are going to choose a private cloud computing platform then the physical hardware will be hosted internally. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money on the private cloud platform. In the case of a privately hosted cloud platform, all your resources will be allocated more efficiently in comparison to a traditional setup and that can result in cost-saving.

2. Network upgrade

For core IT professionals, network upgrade might be fun but for all other people including business owners, network upgrade is a cumbersome hitch that poses a serious threat. The upgrading network requires capital investment, they are tedious and disruptive. In addition to this, making everyone used to new technology can also prove to be a much bigger headache than getting republicans to agree on healthcare plans.

But with the help of the cloud, you can completely wipe out the need for network upgrades. Everything is hosted on the cloud platform and this is why you don’t have to upgrade onsite servers anymore. Your cloud hosting provider like QuickBooks hosting provider will take care of the upgrades to the backend infrastructure and in some cases, even provide licensing for the hosted applications as well. With cloud hosting, you will always have access to the latest and updated network without pouring money into it.

3. IT Maintenance

If parts and processes of your business are hosted on the cloud then you will not be responsible for managing them. For a handful of reasons, this is a very good thing for your business, especially if you are struggling to fulfill the required human resource for your company.

With no responsibility for IT maintenance, you will not have to assign your limited team members for managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. All these man-hours can be eliminated and they can be utilized for other important purposes.

In addition to time consumption, IT maintenance is expensive as well. It costs a lot to maintain technology. You will be surprised to know that IT maintenance costs more than hiring IT technicians and this is why cloud computing reduces your cost of IT maintenance as well.

Cloud computing is an effective cost-cutting solution most small business owners prefer cloud infrastructure over traditional IT infrastructure e.g. Let’s say an accounting firm owner prefers to use a tool such as QuickBooks Hosting on a windows DaaS from a reliable QuickBooks Hosting provider which is an affordable solution for his business.