Credit goes to modern technology and scientific inventions that have penetrated almost every department; we’re living in a rapidly evolving world. Information technology (IT) constitutes an essential component of all institutions today. This fast-paced world has become more efficient, productive, and contactless due to the plethora of technologies we can observe today.

But these technologies are becoming ancient and obsolete exponentially. An invention that dominated the industry a decade ago might become forgotten in the upcoming years. What does it mean for an IT student? Students must learn which technologies are worth pursuing in 2021 for the right career-building and successful professional progress.

IT Branches In Demand Right Now

Students must stay up-to-date about the latest developments in the tech industry and the latest trends the world’s interested in nowadays since the world will continue spending more on technology in the future. With one-third of the world’s share, the United States contributes the most significant spending on IT.

The global tech market was likely to exceed $5 trillion this year, producing more tech jobs than students graduating in this field. But did COVID-19 inhibit the industry’s willingness to hire more tech experts?

Many businesses are planning to accelerate their pace of digital transformation now. Other companies have invested in better security and training remote workers. Moreover, this pandemic has pushed 75% of organizations to strive for long-term changes in their IT structure.

So, pursuing a Master’s in IT online has become the best pathway for excellence in the tech industry. Students need to discover which IT specializations are in demand in the market. That’s the problem we’ll investigate here with you:

1. VR & AR:

These technologies have overtaken the education, rehabilitation, and entertainment industries. We can observe Pokemon Go as an outstanding example of Augmented Reality in which digital elements are new to a person’s real-life experience.

Virtual Reality takes this digitization to the next level as a virtual one completely replaces the physical world. Google Cardboard can be an example of VR. These technologies are likely to expand and create a better market in 2021.

2. Data Analytics:

We exist in a world governed by data where corporations collect the customers’ information to improve their marketing campaigns. But it isn’t easy to process big data via traditional technologies. Thus, companies use data analytics to process the information they’ve gathered.

It enables them to renovate their promotional strategies and personalize a user’s experience. A data scientist will keep finding employment opportunities in the future as big data gradually prevails.

3. Fintech:

Fintech has combined some significant aspects of technology with finance. Financial services companies integrate technology into their products/services for the customer’s convenience. We can see many examples of fintech – such as PayPal and cryptocurrency – that have revolutionized business.

Since the world will rely more on digital transaction systems, IT students will find career-building options in this industry. With the world adopting internet banking, fintech seems like a durable trend.

4. IoT:

This technology pursues the concept of universal connectivity in which our gadgets depend on wifi and each other. These connections enhance the exchange of information between electronic devices.

Predictably, there’ll be 50 billion such devices by 2030 in circulation worldwide, creating a massive web of gadgets. Experts believe that, in 2022, the IoT market will also reach over $1 trillion. Different jobs in this sector will accompany this budget increase.

5. RPA:

Automating repetitive procedures takes the human factor out of many functions. Since robots aren’t bound to make mistakes, automation increases the efficiency of business operations. The industry of Robotic Process Automation has dominated several departments now.

But it hasn’t replaced the need to hire humans at all! You can become an RPA developer/architect to find plenty of jobs in this career. Your job will be to write codes that instruct these machines on how to perform their jobs.

6. Blockchain:

Since Dogecoin plummeted after Elon Musk’s SNL appearance, many people have become familiar with the term blockchain. This technology is decentralized and consensus-driven, as no single entity can control it. Thus, it was helpful to create Bitcoins.

And now, this concept has penetrated many other applications as well. Blockchain developers provide the essential security traditional methods have failed to bring. Its security features have made the study of blockchain lucrative for students.

7. Cybersecurity:

Blockchain led us to cybersecurity which has become a massive industry on its own. We saw many instances of Facebook losing the customer’s information after data leaks and security breaches.

Most organizations need to employ the services of cybersecurity experts as the instances of data breaches have multiplied since this pandemic. You can become a security engineer or an ethical hacker – among myriads of professions – to build a flourishing career in this industry.

8. 5G:

The world is preparing to enter the world of the fifth generation. Previous technologies, e.g., 3G and 4G, allowed us to browse the internet easily. But 5G will revolutionize the world of the internet. It’ll allow us to rely on VR & AR along with using cloud-based gaming services efficiently.

However, this technology is in its starting stage and expected to have its wider availability this year. Different universities offer courses in 5G already since this trend will overshadow the world of the internet in this decade.

9. Full-Stack Development:

Typical website development has two components, i.e., front-end and back-end. The front-end refers to how the site appears to your customers and they interact with it. At the same time, the back-end involves the version of your website controlled by the company, including its database.

As a full-stack developer, you’ll be responsible for handling both ends of a website, i.e., client-side and server-side. You need to maintain the necessary know-how of CSS/HTML for the front-end while PHP/C++ for the back-end.

10. AI & Machine Learning:

Machine learning surpasses programming because robots don’t require coding since they can learn from experience and improve themselves. AI represents an even better form in which machines imitate the human brain. Students need the knowledge of statistics and programming to excel in this career.

The AI market will exceed $190 billion by 2025, and this industry will create one-tenth of all American jobs. So, artificial intelligence marks one of the best careers in IT.


When the coronavirus overwhelmed the globe last, the world collectively turned to technology for help. Distance learning helped resume people’s education while employees telecommuted to stay productive even during an ongoing pandemic. But our growing dependence on technology is marked by a shortage of the requisite professionals.

Surveys show there were fewer Computer Science graduates in the USA than employment opportunities for them. In 2020, one million jobs in the software programming sector remained unfilled. Hence, this is the ideal decade for students to learn IT-related subjects online. Their academic expertise will allow them to apply for tech jobs available in many different industries.