Watching favorite movies, serials, and web series on mobile devices is absolute fun and entertainment. You can never miss out on your favorite shows if you have these episodes on your mobile devices.

The major problem that everyone faces is that they do not have enough space for storing high-resolution videos in a mobile device.

Hence we need to compress the videos to save extra space for other videos on our phone. Also, we use different screen size mobile devices which at times become difficult to view our downloaded video due to inappropriate size.

To view such downloaded videos, we need software known as a video compressor that can effectively compress the videos and resize it so that it can be viewed without any difficulty at all.

Wondershare UniConverter is the best free video compressor that is available free of cost to users. The video compressing software supports a wide range of file formats and have easy to use due to the user-friendly environment.

1. Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac: – Wondershare UniConverter software can be used in both windows operating system as well as Mac OS.
  • Supports more than 1000+ file formats: – This software supports many popular file formats that can be used for file compression or interchanging of file formats.
  • Thirty times faster than any online converter: – Since this software uses optimized codes hence it is thirty times faster than any other online video compressing tool.

2. Advantages of using Wondershare UniConverter

a. No restriction of file size

Using online tools for video compression has a limitation of files. We cannot compress large files that exceed the maximum upload file size limit using online video compressing tools.

There is no such restriction on the file size you can compress or convert the videos of any file size instantly using Wondershare UniConverter.

b. Less processing time

Unlike other online tools for video compression, Wondershare UniConverter software takes less processing time.

The software also has capabilities of compressing the videos in bulk, which is not possible using online video editing tools.

3. How to convert the videos to any file formats using Wondershare UniConverter

  •  At first, we need to download and install Wondershare UniConverter software from its official website.
  •  Once the software is installed successfully, then open the software console by double click on the Wondershare icon on the desktop.
  • How to convert the videos to any file formats using Wondershare UniConverter

  •  Then add the files that you want to change the file format and upload it by dragging the file and dropping it to the software panel.
  • How to convert the videos to any file formats using Wondershare UniConverter Step-2

  •  After adding the files from the top right where it says converts the data to select the appropriate file format from the drop-down list.
  • How to convert the videos to any file formats using Wondershare UniConverter step-3

  •  Select or choose the path or location where you want to save the output video.
  •  Finally, click on a compress to convert the file format of your video and save it to your desired location.

4. Best free video compressor software

a. Filmora

It is a simple video editor software that is available free of cost. It supports many operating systems like win7/win 8/win 10 or Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

The Filmora software can be downloaded from its official website

  • Paros: – The software is suitable for adding effects on the videos.
  • Cons: – The compressing of multiple files is not possible using this software.

b. Free make Video Converter

It is freeware video converter software that supports a wide range of file formats as input and enables users to select these file formats in case they want to interchange them during file conversion.

This video editing software was developed by Ellora Assets Corporation and could transform any video to videos with stunning effects.

  • Foros: – Good for interchanging the accessible video file format only.
  • Cons: – It takes long processing time, and the user needs to wait when the file is being prepared.

c. Any Video Converter

In case you are looking for video compressor software for free that provides 100% lossless quality, then any video converter can be an ideal choice.

This software is compatible across all operating systems and can also work on mobile devices like tablets etc.

  • Foros:-The software produces output audio and visuals with high standard quality.
  • Cons: – Slow in converting the file formats.

d. VSCD Video Converter

Video files can be converted from one file format to using freeware software VSCD Video Converter.

This software gives you access to the high-quality multi-format video conversion platform where you can convert video files to the desired file format.

  • Foros:-Good for cutting, trimming, and resizing the videos only.
  • Cons: – Only supports popular video file formats.

e.  Handbrake

This software is an open-source freeware that is used for converting the video files from one codec to another.

It supports Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating system. Handbrake software supports many file formats that can be used for interchanging the file formats during file conversion.

  • Paros: – Compatible with all operating system
  • cons: – Too much advertisement makes the basic operations difficult at times.

If we compare the features of all video editing software, Wondershare UniConverter stands out to be the best video compressing and video editing tools.

This video compressing software is easy to understand and operate due to an excellent and friendly environment.

Also, the processing of the video is done instantly, which takes less time than any online video editing tool. Wondershare UniConverter software must be downloaded from its official website for better results.