Today’s world is run by apps. Computer science students look for any possible problem, define its solution in an algorithm, and present it as a mobile or computer application. On top of that, most of the apps are free to use despite the utility and service they offer. We can find dozens of applications for one problem on the internet

While they most certainly help us in every field of life, it cannot be obvious to pick one when there are so various options to choose from them. We want one app that provides the best service, and we don’t have the time to test each one of them. That’s why I have shared the most useful applications that will cover all your office needs and enhance teamwork.

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is just like Microsoft Excel with one difference. It’s an online tool that you can share with multiple people. It also allows you to restrict the rights of each person. You don’t need a custom made management system for your office if you master this one tool. Google Sheets makes it extremely easy to record data in tabular form. You can use formulas for automatic calculation and even put graphs and bars to make it attractive.

2. Soda PDF

This tool is relatively new in the market, but it has gained popularity faster than most software launched by monopolies. PDF is a document format most commonly used by professionals. It’s particularly preferred when sharing files over the internet. A document in PDF format usually can’t be edited, and that’s why its design and formatting remains the same as it was composed.

SodaPDF is a complete PDF solution that allows its users to create, edit, convert, protect, and share documents. It’s an online application, but it also has a desktop and mobile version for ease of use. Many other useful features help individuals as well as businesses.

3. Google Docs

The only company that can compete Microsoft is Google, and it has launched a word processor to compete against MS Word. Though the word processor of Microsoft is perfect, there is one aspect where it lacks – and that’s sharing.

Google Docs used this as their unique selling point and attracted hundreds of thousands of users. You can create one file and have multiple people write or edit it simultaneously. It allows you to show live changes to other people with access. Contributors can also add comments and record changes.

4. Microsoft To-Do List

This tool does a perfect job as an assistant. We all need someone to keep track and remind us of our pending tasks. You can install MS To-Do List in your office computer, home computer, and mobile phone. It can also be used online on the website of Microsoft. You can synchronize all tasks by logging in with the same account. Furthermore, you can make groups of tasks and share them with your team.

5. HipChat

Most of our communication done through Skype. We create a group and add people who can see our messages. Though Skype is a popular app, we can’t deny its limitations. You can’t apply restrictions in a group, and it starts updating forcibly even at urgent times. HipChat is a business IM app but with many more features to enhance communication in offices.