While buying something online, what is the first thing you see which helps you conclude your purchase decision? Well, for me, it is customer reviews. I newly relocated to Florida, and finding a good ISP near me was instead an easy task. I randomly asked people for the best telecom provider in the area and also probed the internet and customer reviews before sealing the deal with my provider.

The process was undoubtedly hectic but was worth every bit of it. Being a technical blogger, I instantly felt the need to formulate an article comprising of the best cable and internet providers in the U.S. according to the customer reviews so that you all can benefit from my research too. So let’s get started with it.

Indeed, one may have several telecom provider options according to their locality, but here are some internet and cable providers that received the best customer testimonials.

1. Spectrum:

Charter Spectrum is one of the biggest cable tv providers of the nation, covering 49 states. Acquisition of Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable allowed them to expand their footprint and serviceability. Spectrum Internet will enable speeds up to 100 Mbps because of its extensive cable network.

However, their network infrastructure has now become more hybrid, i.e., presenting a hybrid version of coaxial cable and fiber-optic lines.

The incredible thing about Charter Spectrum is that it doesn’t bound its customers via some contract; instead, provide them with the liberty to switch to some other provider if needed.

This particular feature makes Spectrum people’s favorite. Installing itself as one of the most popular and ordinary providers in the U.S., Spectrum offers both reliability and liberty to its customers.

2. Xfinity:

With an extended footprint in the United States (covering almost 39+ states), Xfinity by Comcast offers services to approximately 111.6 million individuals. Though Xfinity gig speeds are not that common yet, a few urban areas are still enjoying speeds up to 2 Gbps.

The provider has formulated several other packages, offering a minimum speed of 15 Mbps, which is great for internet surfing and streaming, etc. Xfinity is offering several basic internets, cable, and other packaging options at quite reasonable prices.

Xfinity is best known for its bundle deals, as it allows customers to save up to $30 per month.

Note: Xfinity is best known for its bundle deals, as it allows customers to save up to $30 per month.

3. AT&T:

AT&T is another huge name in the list. AT&T DIRECTV allows you to watch a range of channels in H.D. along with gigabits broadband speeds. AT&T customers do not have to worry about the data shortage. One can get either one terabyte or unlimited data. It depends on the plan you subscribed too.

Bundling AT&T with DIRECTV enables you to save up to $10 every month on almost all of the plans. This not only supports you save money but also subtracts the billing hassle. Football Enthusiasts can have exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket with DIRECTV subscription.

Another fantastic thing about adding AT&T wireless into your bill is that you can get access to AT&T Watch T.V. app and enjoy popular channels such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Movies, etc.
Just like Xfinity, AT&T also offers nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots.

4. Viasat:

Viasat, a satellite internet provider, is fourth in this people’s favorite providers list. Viasat is a blessing in disguise for the rural areas where cable, fiber-optic network, and DSL cannot reach. Well, it’s not the best in latency and speeds but is great coverage-wise.

Nevertheless, Viasat delivers downloading speeds up to 100 Mbps, which is pretty high for a satellite internet provider. By paying an extra $5, one can get Viasat Wi-Fi modem, which means you can probe all the country news infesting your ranchers profile and can scroll through Instagram while stargazing in your front porch.

5. CenturyLink | Internet Cable Providers

CenturyLink offers speeds up to 1000 Mbps. It offers both DSL and Fiber internet. With DSL, you can avail internet speeds from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Nonetheless, with fiber internet (which is not available everywhere), subscribers can enjoy speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

Although the prices for low-speed plans may seem higher than the competitors, this particular price will remain the same for life. As long as you stay on the network, you’ll pay the same price. The offer is almost unheard of for some other internet and cable provider.

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