English is often an overlooked subject. Students focus on other mainstream subjects and generally lack preparation. But, when the markets are globalizing fast in today’s world, English is one of the most important subjects you can not deprioritize.

That is why you need to ace the Class 10 English exams. With the right study plan and tips, you will score well in your CBSE Class 10 English board exam quite easily. Here are a few that might help you:

1. Syllabus and exam pattern

Before you take out your books and start your preparation, you should know the syllabus and pattern of the exam to plan your study schedule. Learning about the design will help you understand the weightage and mark distribution of the exam.

There are some important chapters and topics that you should finish on a priority basis. There are four sections in the English paper, all of which have the same weightage and marks. However, they are different in terms of their difficulty level. To score well in the exam, you have to give priority to all these sections:

a. Section A

Worth 20 marks, this section comprises reading comprehension where you will be given two unseen passages. These passages can be discursive, factual, or literary and test your comprehension skills.

Would you please obtain notes in this section? This is an example of the various scoring subjects. It doesn’t require a lot of effort, and you can quickly grab good marks.

b. Section B

This section is also worth 20 marks, where your writing skills will be tested. This section’s most common forms of writing include letter writing, article writing, poster making, notice, writing, etc. To prepare for this division, you should try writing on the current topics.

It will help improve your grammar as well. This section can take up a lot of time. So, while you are practicing your writing skills, you also have to work on your time management skills. Make sure that you practice all the formats to score maximum marks.

c. Section C

This section, worth 20 marks, is for testing your grammar skills. It would help if you worked on strengthening your basic concepts. Use a good book for practicing and use it every day. Analyze your answers to make sure that they are correct and learn from the mistakes you make. 

d. Section D

This last section worth 20 marks is based on poems and literature.

2. Follow the right books for the exam.

The most important books that you have to complete for your CBSE Class 10 English exam are the NCERT books. If you want to learn more topics and practice more questions, you can always take the help of reference books. Here are some of the most common books that you can use for your class 10 English exam:

  • Bbc Compacta English for class X
  • CBSE English Communicative for Class 10 by Full Marks
  • Together with English for Class X
  • Wren and Martin for Grammar

3. Practice Every Day

If you require to acquire a study habit, you need to read newspapers, informative magazines, and novels. Having this habit will ensure that you have improved writing and reading skills along with an enhanced vocabulary.

Apart from this, you also need to learn and understand the proper use of tense. This practice will appear helpful when you are preparing for your Class 10 English exam.

4. Solve individual papers and past years’ question papers

To know what questions are asked in the exam, syllabus, and pattern, you have to solve sample papers and question papers from previous years. It will assist you in getting easy with the questions and their frustration level.

5. Improve your time management skills

This is one of the essential tips for your Class 10 English exam preparation. It will help you write questions within the given time and still proofread your answer sheet. While you are taking the test, try implementing the time management techniques that you have learned.

It involves reading as well as understanding the questions and then writing the answers. If you seem abandoned on a question, move on to the next one and come back at it later.

6. Stay healthy and focused.

To finish the syllabus and ensure that things are on track, you need to focus, and for this, you need to avoid distractions. You should limit your social media time and concentrate on your studies. AsideAside from this, you should also eat healthy food and exercise regularly to stay fit.

To prepare for the Class 10 English first flight, you must practice and write out your answers. It is the only way to analyze your spelling and grammatical mistakes and work on improving them. Read the chapters thoroughly and multiple times. It will help you memorize the important points and answers and get a clear understanding of the English language.

Learn and write about the trending topics in the news as it will help you learn new terms and improve your writing style. Write the names of various characters and authors on a flashcard to remember them. You have to read all the chapters and poems and answer the questions that are at the end.

When you are solving the sample papers, time yourself. It will help you manage your time better during the exam. Revise as many times as possible. 

While you are answering the questions in the exam, start with the ones you are sure about. Answering such questions in the beginning will help boost your confidence. Don’t ignore the NCERT books, as questions in the CBSE board exams are based on the books. If you couldn’t finish a chapter, don’t try to mug at the last minute. Use this time to revise the chapters that you have finished.

You won’t be able to study English in a day. You have to practice it every day through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is the only way to master the language. Once you start enjoying it, you will be able to score well in the subject automatically.