Reviews are a great way to get to know a product, and recruitment CRM software is no exception. This is especially the case if the product will be a significant business expense. Therefore, you should consider a few things before making a decision based on what recruit CRM reviews say.

Ideally, you want to consider reviews from experienced HR personnel and even targeted candidates. The best reviews will also cover both the functionality of features and their overall value. Below, we will outline in more detail what information you should look for when evaluating recruit CRM reviews:

1. Does the recruit CRM make application management smooth?

As applications pour in, a good CRM program should help you file and respond to these applications in an organized fashion. When reading recruit CRM reviews for any given program, look for any mention of an “intuitive centralized database” or a dashboard that is inclusive but also well-tabbed for easy perusal.

Read carefully to see what reviewers have to say about the user experience of this system. Is it effortless to navigate, or does it take a significant amount of time to learn?

Additionally, when it comes to the employee’s perspective, look for reviews that describe automated interview schedules as both flexible and easily managed by phone. Job seekers appreciate when the interview process is transparent and fast-moving; therefore, it is a good sign if a recruit CRM review emphasizes this.

2. Does the recruit CRM allow for painless onboarding?

Onboarding is an essential part of every hiring process. It only makes sense to ensure that you choose to recruit CRM that streamlines onboarding from start to finish. When perusing reviews, look for any mention of workflow checklists with assigned responsibilities for benefits, payroll, orientation and training. Some keywords you may want to look for include clarity, connectivity and compliance.

When it comes to employee reviews, employees who rank their company’s portal system favourably deserve consideration, especially if they mention easy mobile access to benefits and payroll.

Other helpful pre-onboarding resources to note include micro/macro workflows, position-specific benchmarks, training or pre-training, calendars and a company directory regularly updated. Take extra notice if employees praise the system for ensuring smooth delivery of training materials and employer expectations.

3. Does the recruit CRM promote security and thoroughness?

If an HR reviewer mentions “exclusive sharing” or “file safeguards,” then you can rest easy knowing that the program developers take documentation compliance and safety seriously. If the review praises the intuitive dashboard for helping them make holistic decisions and compare data side-by-side, then all the better!

How easily does the recruit CRM make it to attract qualified candidates?
From an HR department’s point of view, reviews are most valuable when discussing a program’s efficiency with connecting with candidates.

As you read reviews, keep these questions in mind:

  • Do automatic postings reach a large number of job board sites?
  • Do these postings target areas based on a company’s specific needs?
  • Do they make good use of social media and employee referral initiatives?
  • Do their strategies attract many passive candidates?
  • Do the postings attract qualified candidates overall?

From an employee’s perspective, it is helpful to know how quickly an applicant located the job or if they were “actually job hunting” when they saw the posting. Some other questions to consider from an employee’s perspective include:

  • Could they easily access information?
  • Was the job posting, company page and application easily accessed by phone?

While these questions alone may not determine your final decision, they can help guide your selection process.

Bottom Line: Reviews are excellent for extra insight — when you assess the info critically

Reviewers are a terrific source of information. That said, before you take their advice and invest your money, make sure that you read each review critically.

Focus on specific elements rather than just vague glowing praise. Also, be sure to take into account your business’s unique hiring needs. If you keep these things in mind, you are sure to find the perfect CRM with the help of recruit CRM reviews! Paycom reviews