Finding an excellent gift for the women in your career can be tricky at times. You are not sure whether they will like the gift or they will exchange it for something of their liking. Fortunately for you, we have got up with a list of some of the coolest gifts that will surely make women happy. Check out these funky gadgets that are both useful and stylish at the same time:

1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Women have always been known to have a soft spot for jewelry. They are always in search of the perfect piece of jewelry that complements their style. The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the perfect piece of jewelry that you can gift to the love of your life. The best part is that it is packed with some tech features.

This piece of jewelry not only adds to the beauty but also takes care of health. It helps you keep a tab on calorie burn, steps walked, and sleep patterns. It also collects all the necessary data to calculate the stress levels in your body.

It further acts as a silent alarm so that you wake up peacefully and refreshed every morning. The device does not need to be changed frequently as its battery has a lifespan of up to almost six months.

2. AeroGarden Harvest

The AeroGarden Harvest is the perfect gift for women with a green thumb. This indoor garden makes gardening highly convenient and fun at the same time. The plants grow in a no-soil environment, making it a clean and tidy activity.

Apart from regular watering, the garden is pretty much self-sufficient. It is designed to regulate water to the plants as per their requirements so that there is no wastage. There is a lamp attached to it as well that provides the necessary light to the plants.

The front of the garden is equipped with a digital LED display that notifies you of the status of the plants. It further has a vacation mode in case you are going out of town so that the plants can be taken care of by Tile Mate.

Women’s bags are like a black hole. They are filled with random stuff, make-up, keys, phone, wallet, and Heaven knows what else, making it impossible to find what is needed on time, and it is inevitable to misplace a thing or two.

The Tile Mate is the perfect solution in these cases. It is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to important stuff so that it can be found easily. The range limitation on this beauty is 200 feet. The device also has a sufficient battery life and is also water-resistant.

3. SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

This unique alarm clock is a blessing from Philips. Instead of waking up to an irritating alarm in the morning, with SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, you wake up to a sunrise-like simulation. The device turns on soothing lights before the alarm is about to go off, creating the effect of a sunrise.

It has five different alarm sounds and built-in sensors that measure humidity, noise, and temperature levels in the room. In fact, this was listed as one of the best alarm clocks in the review portal MyBestMattress. The device can be synced with the SleepMapper app, which can be used to improve sleep overall.

If the lady you are gifting it to is a bibliophile, then this can also be used as a fashionable reading lamp. Interesting, right?

4. SUN 1S UVLED Nail Lamp

Women do not always have time to go to the salon for every little thing, no matter how much they want to. With the SUN 1S Nail Lamp, they have one less trip to make to the salon. It is an LED lamp designed specifically for curing almost all nail gels, including LED gels, UV gels, Hard Gels, buildings, sculpture gel, gem glue, etc.

This LED lamp will be equipped with four timer settings. If you do not prefer using the timer settings, it also turns on by default when you put your hand inside and switches off when you take them out. Remember, this device is not for drying regular nail polish, a fan or a dryer can do that.

This can make the perfect gift for a woman who loves manicures. It is almost as if you have a salon, especially for nails, right at home.

5. Pixel Lovebox

The Pixel Lovebox is the perfect tool to express your undying love for her. Whether you want to send a simple “I love you” text or a loving doodle, you can send it via your phone, and it will be sent to this box.

Once the message is received on the other end, the heart on the front of the box starts to spin, informing your beloved of the message received. This is a unique gift for her in an era when conventional gifts no longer do the trick.

6. Summing Up

There is a multitude of other gifts out there that you can gift to the women in your life. These are just some of the best options if your lady is a bit tech-savvy. Find out more about amazing gifts online using Spectrum. You might find something that can add to the list.

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