It often takes time to convert a website visitor into a customer. Everyone who is in the field of digital marketing would agree with it. Consistency and persuasive approach hold the key here. The process starts with the collection of leads. The more the number of leads is, the higher the chances are for an increased number of buyers.

So, how to increase the number of leads? A lead magnet is your ultimate answer. The best part is that you can use the lead magnet as a content upgrade. Lead Magnets are the best sources to increase subscribers. If your team can build a lead magnet for your business, it is going to be a real game-changer for your online presence.

Lead Magnet is a system of involving a more significant number of subscribers for your content to inspire their buying decisions through giveaways, gift vouchers, or discounts. It can be done by exchanging the prospect’s contact details: usually, email address. Lead Magnet has one super goal, and that is to maximize the quantity of the targeted leads which you are getting for an offer.

1. Why does every business need a Lead Magnet?

Why does every business need a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is your go-to solution if you want to excel as a digital marketer. Perhaps you can relate when people seem quite excited to sign up for newsletters in the early time of online marketing. But today, the trend has changed, and you won’t see people signing up for free newsletters so religiously. People these days are dreadfully unwilling to share their email address as it’s a very personal thing. If people don’t have a good incentive, they are not going to share their details, even if you’re their favorite brand.

A good lead magnet must be;

  • Solving a real problem
  • Must be able to help people to get something they need
  • It should be super specific
  • Go for PDFs rather than eBooks or reports
  • It must have high perceived value

Here we have compiled five tips to create lead magnets for your business and grow your email list.

2. Decide Your Buyer’s Persona

Generally, marketers try a little too hard to attract a little too many people. In a perfect world, you need to do the exact opposite. The lead magnet should be super ultra-specific to your target audience. If it is irrelevant to the needs of your buyer persona, people are not going to download it at all. You need not worry about which persona is best suitable to start with. Sooner or later, you will be able to expand your email list by focusing on your buyers’ persona.

3. Know Your Value Propositions

Upon deciding which prospect you are going to target. Now, this is the time when you need to give them an authentic reason to download your lead magnet. The value proposition is the key factor that your buyer is searching for, and it requires less convincing effort from you. Rather than digging out what you want to provide to the clients, it is better to figure out what they need. It would help you in delivering the right solutions to them. For example, if you offer a generic freebie lead magnet on your forum, you are sooner or later collecting irrelevant leads to your business. It’s well said, “If you want your lead magnet to work, then focus on targeting properly.”

Above all, don’t go for the more significant eBook or create something 30 days of the free trial. Be more specific and stay to the point. People don’t have much spare time in their hectic lifestyle today. Just figure out the problem and come up with the solution.

4. Select the Kind of Lead Magnet

You already have something good in your mind about the lead magnet. Keep the listed below points in mind.

Keep your lead magnet simple, concise, and packed with maximum understanding. Since the reader is spending time reading your content, it should offer useful information. The readers will only stick to your piece of content if they find it worthy enough of their precious time. This is the best time to offer a snackable form that they can download and use them in the future.

If you think you are not good at writing, try creating video content. You can also get help from your content library. Identify the best material which performed well in the past, and make it to good use. It can be eBook, blog post, any tutorial, case study, slide share presentation, or webinar, and the list goes on. Continue with the item that appeals to you, instead!

Prioritize to solve your buyer’s problem. By doing so, you attract their attention to your funnel quickly. Better go for the format that’s easier and allows fast delivery.

Lead Magnet falls under these categories;

  • Cheatsheet
  • Resource list
  • Reports
  • Guides
  • Catalog
  • Free consultation
  • Early bird discount
  • Survey
  • Quiz
  • Assessment test

5. Name Your Lead Magnet

By now, you would have understood what you are going to offer to your target audience. Draft a catchy eye headline to your lead magnet that appeals to your buyer persona.

6. Generate your Lead Magnet

You are done with the strategic work, but you still need to put it in the final form. You should always bear in mind “WHO” this lead magnet is for and the value proposition that you have promised to your buyers. If you stick to these two points, the lead magnet is going to work correctly.

7. The Final Word

There you have it, and now the ball is in your court to make lead magnet your sales-driving tool. Always remember, your potential customers should get the best value out of your content. It should offer the solution to their problems, and this is where you can create a need for your products or services.

If your content can inspire your readership, they will happily share their contact details, which is the significant first step towards your revenue generation goal. There is a lot more to seal the deal, but the lead magnet is where it all starts. Go ahead and design your lead magnet today and make it big.

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