Digital workplaces are the future of work. For organizations that truly want to reap the most benefits from digital transformation, implementing a digital workplace as part of their digitization strategy has now become a necessity.

It isn’t surprising that over 87 percent of senior managers now consider integrating digital workplace platforms a priority and over 62 percent of them have already implemented a digital workplace in their organization in order to digitize and streamline their business processes.

With digital workplaces, it becomes possible to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. But for organizations that want to reap the most benefits out of a digital workplace platform, it is important to understand what it really is.

1. What is a digital workplace?

Digital Workplace Look Like

A digital workplace is a virtual replacement of the physical office space which gives employees a complete set of digital tools that they need to perform their core work responsibilities. While the exact definition of a digital workplace platform can vary depending on the organization’s requirements and challenges, at the crux of it all, a digital workplace is about improving the employee experience and streamlining business processes as well as organizational operations.

All the disparate business applications can be integrated with a digital workplace and accessed by employees through a unified platform which in turn improves efficiency and productivity of the organization.

The aim of digital workplace software is to help employees collaborate, communicate, and perform their work in a better way. With a digital workplace, it is possible for you to:

  • Create customized workflows that reflect the internal business processes of an organization
  • Automate repetitive and manual tasks that don’t require any human involvement
  • Closely integrate all the business applications
  • Establish more seamless communication channels between teams
  • Incorporate agile and dynamic project management features

2. What does an ideal digital workplace look like?

a. Unified digital platform

A digital workplace software has a centralized platform that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. It provides you with a comprehensive dashboard from where you can check the status of any project, process, or workflow in real-time which in turn gives you more visibility and control over business processes.

b. Cloud access

Cloud access

Whether you are looking to embrace the ever-increasing remote workforce or you have employees working from different offices, the goal is always to ensure that employees are able to collaborate and access all the business data seamlessly even if they aren’t working from the same physical location.

With cloud access and multi-device support, digital workplace platforms allow employees to work from wherever they are while still maintaining optimum productivity.

c. Streamlines processes

With a digital workplace platform, you can create customized workflows that reflect the internal business processes of the company. Digitizing, structuring, and streamlining business processes doesn’t just improve efficiency, but it also creates transparency across the organization since all the employees are able to track the process in real-time.

d. Data management

The way that companies store and manage their business data can heavily impact the efficiency of their employees. In fact, employees spend close to 20 percent of their total time to find the data and information that they need to perform their work duties.

Digital workplaces help store business data securely in a way that it becomes easily searchable which saves the time of the employees since they don’t have to spend hours looking for one important work file.

By choosing a digital workplace platform that has powerful filter and search capabilities, you are able to offer your employees better work experience and increase their efficiency.

e. Insights

When you digitize your business processes, you are able to gather all the data from the processes, projects, workflows, and cases and in turn, draw insights from them that can help the company improve its operations.

With a digital workplace, you can automatically generate customized reports and use those analytics to understand the gaps within your business processes and make better business decisions.

3. An ideal digital workplace focuses on employee experience

Implementing a digital workplace as a virtual equivalent of the physical office space requires strong planning and management because of its fundamental role in the employees’ productivity, engagement, and efficiency. That is why, introducing digital workplaces as part of the organization’s digital workplace strategy is the best way to go.

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